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Beach Please! How To Plan A Budget Wedding By The Sea

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Beach Please! How To Plan A Budget Wedding By The Sea

Plan a beautiful beach wedding without anyone realising you’ve cut corners

Picture this: it’s a gorgeous evening by the ocean. A cool, light breeze hits your face, and of course, the sound of the waves makes the occasion all the more mesmerising. You’re about to tie the knot with the love of your life, surrounded by friends and family who’ve flown down to celebrate the day with you. Is there anything more beautiful than that?

A beach wedding as a concept is becoming increasingly popular because it truly is magical. As is the case with most things wonderful, though, it’s not cheap.

Throw in the year-round tropical climate in our country, and pulling off your dream wedding by the sea could prove to be tricky. However, with a bit of planning and effort, it’s doable, very much so. Allow us to illustrate how.

Pick the Right Place & Time

For starters, anyone with half a brain knows you cannot get married in summer and thus, the period between November to February will be your best bet.

Secondly, sure, we’re blessed with a massive coastline, but you can’t just hop over to a public beach and have a wedding. A resort would be your best bet, for it offers you privacy, as well as an opportunity to house your guests.

Dipali Turakhia Pereira, a content and social media manager, had a beach wedding herself. She says, “Your venue takes up a chunk of your budget, so a recce, at least eight months in advance, is vital!”

South Goa beaches like Palolem and Agonda are rather affordable. Dipali had her wedding at Cuba Beach Huts, Palolem, but she says the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a good bet too. “Granted, the flight tickets are expensive, but if your guests are willing to travel, Havelock is incredibly stunning and surprisingly reasonable too.”

Work Your People Skills

No matter the scale of your wedding, you’re going to have to delegate work and rely on others to get things done. Dipali believes “if you meet the right people and forge a relationship with them, you’ll surely strike a bargain and save some money.”

Furthermore, she adds that the hotel manager you’re dealing with needs to flexible with your ideas, so that’s cleared out in advance. “Plans tend to change as the wedding nears, so find someone who will accept the changes without much drama!”

Plan Your Guest List

The number of guests at the wedding is a huge factor when it comes to setting a budget. A wedding guest list could start a war between the families, but unless you want to go broke, keep your list concise.

A beach wedding needs to be an intimate affair with people closest to you and most importantly, those you’re most comfortable with. Remember, every guest adds to the number of plates, chairs, rooms, the number of alcohol bottles, and the likes — so manage the list wisely.

And oh, if you want to save more money, do away with the printed invitations. It’s the digital age, so make the most of it!

Dress Up to Save Up

Considering you’ll be on the beach, walking around in heavy clothes won’t be ideal. It’d be wise to wear something light, and if you’re feeling bold, ditch the shoes too!

“Designer clothes are expensive, but if you hire someone who has recently graduated from college, it’ll be cheaper, and you’ll get fresh designs,” says Dipali.

“If you want to save more money, you could buy your own fabric too, and pay just the designing and stitching costs. Considering you’ll only be wearing the outfit once, renting it out wouldn’t be half a bad idea too!”

Set a Smart Menu

Lastly, you’ll have to spend on food, but what you will have control over is the open bar. A great way to save money is by restricting the alcohol options to beer and wine, and throwing in a few cocktails into the mix for the finicky folk.

Well, there you have it. Your dream beach wedding, all planned out for you. Watch out for the tides though – we’ve heard they wait for no man!

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