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Battling the World’s Worst Hangover? Here’s How to Hide It From Your Nosy Colleagues

Battling the World's Worst Hangover -


Battling the World’s Worst Hangover? Here’s How to Hide It From Your Nosy Colleagues

Midweek partying = obnoxious hangover raging through an 8-hour workday. We offer our sympathies and some tips.

Had a hard day at the office and decided to let your hair down a bit? We’ve all been there! But now it’s the morning after and you have to go back to work. And looking hungover on a random weekday just isn’t going to cut it, especially if you’re heading to one of those really judgy corporate setups. 

It’s the story we all face (more than once, in my case) in our Terrible Twenties. In case you are currently regretting every ‘last’ drink, or are in the midst of a DEFCON 3 panic attack, fear not! Indibeat has five ideas that could help you to emerge from even the most gruesome hangovers. 

Take a shower!

No, seriously. Take a shower.

Half your job is done right here. Once you’re back home from a late, late night that went on till the wee hours of the morning, chances are that you still have a few minutes before going to work. Use that time to take a good, cold shower. It’ll immediately freshen you up and at the very least you’ll look decent when you reach work.

Another good reason to take that quick shower is to rid yourself of any evidence from the night before. Whether it’s from alcohol or cigarettes, people always stink after a heavy night of partying, and words cannot describe how important it is to freshen up before mingling with sober company. 

Invest in some eye drops

Never mind how you feel physically, there’s evidence for the world to see in those bloodshot eyes after a night of partying. So, every time I have a bad hangover and my eyes look like they’re going to give it away, I use some basic eye drops (like Itone) to reduce the redness.  It’s definitely better than wearing your shades at your cubicle, which is bound to attract immediate suspicion. 

You need plenty of water and salt

While it’s not so hard to look fine after a shower and fresh clothes, the actual shitty feeling of the hangover amplifies once you sit at your desk. There are essentially two things that your body is missing after a night of heavy drinking: hydration and potassium. In short, water and salty breakfast food. I’ve found that chilled water is easier to handle and keep in your system. Also, there is nothing better than bacon for a hangover (it’s one of life’s small mercies). However, you can also settle for some well-buttered toast, fried eggs, and fruit. Indian brekkies like puri sabzi, poha, idli also help. If nothing else, go for a spicy plate of Maggi from the office canteen.

 Don’t shy away from the aspirin

The worst part about every hangover is the pounding headache and/or the feeling of nausea. While food and a shower are likely to lessen the impact of both, for severe cases, you might need to pop a pain killer. Take something light that your body is used to; trust me, it’ll help you focus better on those Excel sheets. 

in addition, as far as possible, stay out of direct sunlight. Carry an umbrella if you can’t get an Uber. It’s a hell of a lot better than holding your head at work and moaning about the morning. That would be a dead giveaway!

Plan for an early exit

Unless you have a day piled with meetings (in which case, good luck to you!), try and take it relatively easy at work. Avoid setting ambitious tasks that’ll require you to attend several team meets or brainstorming sessions. The idea is to complete pending work and be out of the office the earliest you can without raising suspicion. Why? Because you need to sleep. The only real cure for a hangover is to sleep it off and there’s no getting around it. Head home, have an early (preferably nutritious) dinner, and call it a night.

Also, this goes without saying – hide from your boss! Nobody needs that kind of negativity when they’re nursing a hangover. 



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