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7 Ways To Make Yourself Likeable At A Social Event



7 Ways To Make Yourself Likeable At A Social Event

Grab a pen, take notes and get ready for more attention than you can handle!

Have you ever looked at that one person who’s the life of every party – easygoing, charming, telling stories with everyone hanging onto their every word- and wondered why you can’t be like them? The good news: you absolutely can. It requires a little bit of work, but the payoff is worth it.

Besides, we’ve turned up a few tips and tricks to make it infinitely easier. Give them a shot.

1. Confidence, Cohen

Everyone loves a confident player so take our advice, and throw on a tune or two that makes you feel alive as you get ready for a shindig. Music is a great tool; it’ll get you grooving and you’ll leave feeling like a million bucks, which will translate when you enter the room.

2. The Little Things

Heading to an informal event? Carry a contribution with you – a bottle of wine, some dessert, perhaps a music mix you’ve curated – to present to the host. If you’re going to a formal (or work) event, this gesture may look out of place, so head over to the host instead and compliment them on the finesse of the event.

Going out of your way to be nice always makes people feel warm inside, and they’ll remember you fondly as long as you’re sincere.

3. Ice-breakers

People love attention, but where there aren’t a lot of familiar faces, they also have their guard up. How to ease into a conversation smoothly? Pick a specific item they have on them – a cute accessory, an interesting cocktail or even a funky phone cover- and compliment them on it or ask a question about it.

The neutral topic takes the pressure off and you’ll make them feel good about themselves. Win-win.

4. The Art of Asking Questions

Small talk is tiresome so eliminate it altogether. Instead, ask meaningful and specific questions to get the conversation rolling.

Listen – to actually connect with them as opposed to framing a response while they speak. You’ll be surprised how pleasant the interaction is, for both parties!

5. Stop, Drop & Tell a Story

You know what they say: a bad experience usually makes a great story. Pick an instance (or two) from your life that you think is funny, maybe even a little awkward, and file it away to use at a social event.

A funny – or serious even, depending on the kind of event you’re at-  anecdote is a surefire way to get people to notice you, as well as relate to you. It’ll put them at ease, and more eager to talk to you.

6. Insta-nothing!

Nothing kills a conversation faster than someone incessantly checking their phone. It sends out the message that you’re either bored or would rather be somewhere else, and the bottom line is that it’s rude.

If you’re looking to make an impression then put that smartphone away and focus on what’s around you. And if you’re really itching to take that selfie, involve the person you’re hanging out with.

7. Master Those Moves

If you ask us, dancing is a highly underrated form of interaction, but it can be key to creating an enjoyable moment. Find one or two signature moves that you feel comfortable doing and bust them out (this is if the event you’re at already has dancing involved).

Perhaps you could even set a group move in motion – say, a train around the room – to get the good times rolling.

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