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5 Super Expensive Coffee Brands That Are Worth Every Penny



5 Super Expensive Coffee Brands That Are Worth Every Penny

Call yourself a connoisseur? Then add these coffees to your wishlist.

There are some things money can’t buy; but luckily, coffee is not one of those! If you don’t splurge on the one thing that gets you going every morning, every day, every single time, why are you working so hard to earn all that money anyway?

Being a coffee elitist is a matter of utmost respect and honour, and you should be proud of yourself if you’re one!

If you’re the kind of coffeeholic who is ready to cut down on meals in order to save money to try that one super expensive blend you saw on the internet, who believes that your hard-earned money deserves the luxury of a well-brewed coffee, who considers pre-ground coffee an insult to humanity, and whose heart aches every time someone says their favorite Cup of Joe is Starbucks or Barista – here’s a list that’ll give you renewed coffee goals to satiate your soul!

Black Ivory Coffee

Cost: $66 for 35g sample pack

When coffee beans are naturally refined by street-rescued Thai elephants, the result is a non-bitter coffee that evidently tastes like caramel and chocolate! 33 kilograms of coffee cherries produce just one kilogram of Black Ivory Coffee, thus making it the world’s rarest, most expensive caffeine fix money could possibly procure! This also explains why their website currently shows an unending waiting list for hopeful buyers!

Last but not the least, 8% of Black Ivory Coffee sales proceeds go towards the care of Thai elephants through the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

Yauco Selecto AA Coffee

Cost: $24 / lb

Think Puerto Rico and think fine coffee! The coffee from Yauco region is said to have a very rich, mild and unique buttery flavour which has made it very popular among indulgent coffee lovers from around the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Cost: $49 / lb

Hailing from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, this coffee is infamous for clearing off the shelves within a heartbeat! Known for its mild flavour, lack of bitterness and excellent blend, this is definitely a must-try coffee for all the experiential coffee nerds out there.

Fazenda Santa Ines

Cost: $50 / lb

The one that got me reaching out for my credit card! Nothing can beat a coffee that’s made using age-old methods in all stages of production. Fazenda Santa Ines Farm – a family-owned business – has earned worldwide adoration in this regard.  The traditional and natural methods of processing at this farm give this coffee a delicious sweet berry and caramel flavour, which surely deserves every penny of the price!

Hacienda La Esmeralda from Panama 

Cost: $350 / lb

Coffee connoisseurs across the globe swear by the impeccable perfection of this blend, and despite its high price, recommend it to be tried at least once in a lifetime, if not more! Winner of 13 worldwide awards for excellence, the Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee is grown in very small quantities under guava trees on Mt. Baru, and should surely be added to your coffee bucket list.

So, there you go. The list of the most sought-after and expensive coffee brands that deserve your attention, especially if you love the taste and smell of freshly brewed coffee. Let us know if you have any other favorites to add to the list.

(Please do not say Barista.)

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