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4 Ways to Slow Down (and Still Get Things Done)

4 Ways to Slow Down (and Still Get Things Done)


4 Ways to Slow Down (and Still Get Things Done)

Do you feel like you’re constantly caught in a world that is spinning too fast? Here’s how to get some of that much-needed balance in your life.

Work, family, deadlines, relationships, commitments, friends, responsibilities…life seems like an endless task list these days. No matter how many times we check off the daily to-dos, something new keeps coming up. 

We live for weekends and vacations and the idea of Monday fills us with a weird sense of dread. The worst part? This hamster wheel living never ends. After all, we all are ambitious people with things to buy and places to go to.

But how about if you slow down? Maybe, just take it easy? Before you laugh off the suggestion as a romanticised idea meant for hippies and the “less ambitious”, here’s the real deal. There are ways you can control your life better and still get things done. Yes, it’s true. The only condition? You should be willing to make the effort and as a reward, most probably, you won’t burn out by the time you hit 30.

Only 15 Min of Silence, Please

Ah, the sweet sound of nothing. Silence can be very rewarding but also very difficult to find in a hectic city life. That’s why you need to consciously seek or create some quiet time for yourself which could be for as little as 15 min per day.

Try This: Mornings are the best for some quiet time. Instead of reaching for your phone the minute you wake up, just take the time to sit by yourself, maybe stare at a familiar view and allow your mind to refresh itself for the day that follow.

Eat Like You Mean It

The world won’t come to end and your company won’t shut down if you enjoy your meal and eat slowly. We are all in a rush, yes, but try and enjoy your meal and practice mindfulness. Savour the flavour, texture and try not to eat in front of the computer.

Try This: Lunch doesn’t always have to be a social event. Try and find a quiet room to enjoy your food in silence or take yourself out to lunch once a week.

Learn the Word ‘No’

You are dead tired after work but you promised to go for drinks with your colleagues. What do you do? Drag your tired self to the bar and get back home past midnight, beat. The simpler solution would have been to say no. But it’s not that easy, right? Wrong. It’s actually that easy. Saying no respectfully and politely is one of the greatest life skills you can learn and is the key to leading a less hectic life.

Try This: For every time you go out against your will, promise yourself 2 days of alone time during which you can focus on yourself and your hobbies.

Block 30 Minutes Every Day

Every day, just block 30 min to do what you need to do. Grocery shopping, talking to your landlord, walking in the park, making a to -do list, it can be anything. 30 min a day can help you streamline your thoughts and you may actually get your work done faster.

Try This: Make notes on your phone (if you don’t like carrying around a notepad) and put a reminder every day to ensure that you do what needs to be done. That leaves you with no time for procrastination.

Last but not the least, don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun with what you do, notice the world around you, and remember, we can only be our best versions if we slow down and work on ourselves.



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