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Make the Switch: Desi Organic Food Brands To Try Out



Make the Switch: Desi Organic Food Brands To Try Out

If you’re looking to make some healthy changes, it’s time to stock your kitchen with chemical-free alternatives from these homegrown organic brands

Most of us have tried eating healthy, organic food at some point in our lives. That phase probably did not last long enough, it certainly hasn’t for me. 

But given what’s circulating about processed meats lately and with packaged food items, like Maggi for instance, it’s probably a good idea to go back to basics and eat the organic way.

No lead, no MSG, just plain, simple, natural food the way it’s supposed to be. Well, almost.

You don’t necessarily need to have your own organic garden, because there are a bunch of reliable food brands in the country that retail packed organic food and ingredients. Here are some you could check out:

24 Mantra Organic

This brand works directly with farmers across the country to source organic, pesticide-free produce. From pulses, lentils, rice, oil and flour to spice mixes, jams, juice and healthy snacks, the brand has it all sorted in neat little packages. Their dal is not shiny and polished, and their fruit juices have no artificial flavor. Try their multi-grain cookies and breakfast cereal.

Where: 24 Mantra Organic products are retailed at most supermarkets across the country including Big Bazaar (Food Bazaar). Find a store near you here.

Contact: Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Conscious Food

Winter is almost in the air and we completely understand if you feel like gorging on samosas and sipping on some delightful masala chai.

But if you lean towards organic food, then may we suggest you snack on almond cookies or cashew nuggets, courtesy Conscious Food?

Add a cup of their organic filter coffee with that. The Mumbai-based brand is recognized by ECOCERT, a certification body for sustainable development and good agricultural practices, based in France.

Conscious Food stocks everything you need for your kitchen from spices and herbs to oil and pulses.

Where: Find their Mumbai outlets here. A few select retail outlets across the country stock their products. You can also order online through their website or e-commerce sites.  

Contact: Follow their Facebook page here.

Down To Earth

This brand understands your diet needs. So if you are diabetic, you might want to try their organic multi-grain diabetic atta; if you need a digestive cleanse, go get a bottle of their organic aloe vera juice.

Down To Earth is an organic food label from the house of Morarka Organic, which also runs a non-profit foundation that works with small farmers to ensure pesticide-free organic farming.

The brand stocks standard ingredients and food items including interesting stuff like apple walnut chutney, dried green chili powder and onion garlic milk cookies.

Where: You can find their products in select outlets across the country and on e-commerce sites.

Contact: Follow them on Facebook here

Organic Tattva

You don’t have to go to a fancy, overpriced restaurant if you want to eat farm-to-table food.

With Organic Tattva’s range of groceries, you could whip up a quick no-sweat dinner right at home with very little effort.

They also stock imported organic pasta, pasta sauce and green tea apart from a whole lot of Indian spices, pulses and grains. Organic Tattva also works with accredited organic farmers who do not use fertilizers or genetically-modified seeds to grow their crops.

Where: Their products are retailed in select supermarkets and on websites.

Contact: Find their Facebook page here.
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