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Comedian Zakir Khan On Board Exams & Clarity In An Engineer’s Life



Comedian Zakir Khan On Board Exams & Clarity In An Engineer’s Life

Here’s recalling what made students and engineers relate to Zakir Khan’s every word

Zakir Khan is a household name on the Indian standup scene.  Watch his 2015 video, which students and engineers instantly related to.

What Makes Zakir Khan’s Comedy Click

Iss saal toh Boards honge na? We’ve all heard this phrase from prying uncles and aunties back in childhood. Board exams were like a hullabaloo for 90s kids – that includes most of us millennials. If the tension of getting high scores wasn’t enough, the people around us made it sound even more frightful, almost as if to break our morale!

Zakir Khan doesn’t shy away from pointing this out in his signature sarcy style. And then he moves on to college life because, obviously, it doesn’t stop at school! We’re made to slog it out for ‘higher education’. 

So he picks on engineers to be more specific – the brainiest of us all. Famous for his raw and real life comedy, he strikes a chord with his fans when he talks about what students go through.

And when it comes to the life of an engineer, he introduces us to a hilarious concept – the ‘FOSLA’ (frustrated one-sided lovers association). These people, the FOSLAs, dedicate themselves to studies and career because, oh well, there’s no motive or prospect of love or dating in their lives. And what’s their last hope? Bharat Matrimony, he says (aww!).

His puns are superb and his comic timing, spot on. He comes back to the topic of board exams brilliantly as he mentions how on each occasion, the same question pops up before a student of class 10 or 12: iss saal toh Boards hain na?

Since CBSE banned class 10 Board exams, owing to immense pressure being put on children, a relatively equal amount of pressure came on those who have gone through the ordeal too. How could they tolerate this unfair business?

Zakir shares the emotions of these people through his comic act successfully, by urging that everyone should give exams. Why should this generation have the luxury of skipping them?

All in all, this 3-minute fun act by Zakir Khan is light-hearted and humorous, which keeps you engaged as though you had a conversation with the funnyman himself!

Which of his other acts have you watched and enjoyed? Tell us in the comments below.

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