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How Mallika Dua’s Snazzy Words Have Crept Into Millennial Lingo



How Mallika Dua’s Snazzy Words Have Crept Into Millennial Lingo

Are you a fan of her desi twang?

It happens ever so often. An actor, a politician or a social media celeb says something unintentionally funny – and it sticks. Remember Shashi Tharoor’s exasperating farrago of distortions? That made us laugh for days! Speaking of laughs, Mallika Dua is one of the funniest gals on the Internet.

stand-up comic and writer, she’s known to use hilarious words that some Indian millennials have added to their lingo.

Mallika’s Desi Twang

Be it her snap-filtered videos on SnapChat or her funny roles on Instagram, Mallika always hands out 101 tips on How you can snazz up the Urban Dictionary.

From Makeup Didi to Gifty to Kanchan, Dua dons many hats and switches characters effortlessly, making us laugh till our sides ache!

Her signature role is the quintessential Dilli girl who comments on the histrionics of  everyday life.

Haven’t you used her words kyoot or launde, in casual conversations? Gen Y’ers also enjoy using her phrases such as Ladiezz, Izzat Ki Chop, Ch*t Piece, and Lamoonz, Paprika!

Yadaash kamzor ho rahi hain budhiya ki” and “Nutella lagwake”…ahem… are the two widely used Dua references (at the moment!).

But it’s her gig as Tinder Aunty for AIB’s If Apps Were People that our generation loves best.

Also, the wide range of sauces and naming of positions, Dua style, has people in splits.

Millennials on Mallika

“I love Mallika Dua. She gave the #realgirl a whole new meaning. She’s given me a whole new vocab to show off when I’m out with my friends. Hello, mere Shaggers is my punch line, ftw!” says Jayeeta Mazumder, a communication strategist.

Debashri Biswas, HRO, finds Dua’s “choice of words and the way she talks” damn funny. She also adds how she was floored by her performance in the web-series The Trip.

Nikhil Jain, 22, a super-fan of hers, says, “Her 10-second snaps are the best, and shows the amount of quirk and on-spot comic timing she has. Natilla (Nutella) lagwake — my friends and I use it a lot.”

That being said, there are people who don’t find her funny at all.

Chitra Rawat writes on ED Times, “I realised how her brand of comedy thrives on the stereotypes we rapaciously consume without a second thought.”

We feel there’s a dearth of women comics in India and people like Mallika Dua are filling the gap, one laugh at a time.

Are you a fan of hers? What are your favourite Dua words? Let us know in the comments below. Tab tak haste rahiye, muskurate rahiye, cheers!

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