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5 Whacked Out Things You Can Do To Afford An iPhone X

iPhone X


5 Whacked Out Things You Can Do To Afford An iPhone X

How to buy the pricey new Apple phone without selling a kidney

It’s that time of the year again. The Android vs Apple debate rages across Facebook and Twitter, and kidney memes and jokes float around on WhatsApp. Apple gave us a glimpse of their new flagship devices at their keynote last week.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus aren’t the flagship devices most of us had come to expect. This time, the cream of the crop was the iPhone X, boasting a stainless steel design and a 5.8 inch screen that spans across its topside.

The standout features of iPhone X include wireless charging, OLED screen, facial recognition, animated emojis and a price that’ll make the wealthiest of us sweat. Indeed it’s no longer just a phone, it’s practically a piece of jewellery for us here in India!

The 64GB model is priced at Rs 89,000 and the 256GB variant would be for Rs 1,02,000. Yes, over a lakh. For a phone.

Well, it’s not entirely Apple’s fault; blame it on the exchange rate and the GST levied (which incidentally by itself is high enough for a decent-budget android phone).

Regardless, if you’re an Apple person through and through, we’ve got you covered with these neat little tricks to afford the X:

1. Pawn Everything on OLX

Want to own an iPhone X? Sell everything you own on OLX. iPhone X, OLX, geddit? But no seriously, sell your bed, sleep on the floor, sell your fridge, buy an ice-box instead, maybe sell those expensive watches and whatnots at home. No selling kidneys, for your own good!

2. Fan of the Decade

If you’re up for a lot of effort (and a little self-mockery), declare yourself the biggest fan of the tech-giant.

Everything in your life should somehow link to Apple — wear a giant apple for that Halloween party, live on an apple diet, Tweet and talk about only Apple on social media. If you catch their attention, who knows, they might reward your marketing efforts and send you the X!

3. Date Someone Rich

If you’re blessed with a personality that makes people swoon and earns you super-likes on Tinder, why not make the most of it? Date a rich kid — convince them to buy you the phone to capture lasting memories of your love. #Aww!

4. Run an Online Scam

Now if you’re really desperate and broke, try this. You will need a photo of a stack of iPhone X boxes, a new email and bank account, a new Facebook page and voila, you’re good to go.

Sell your fake phone online and price it at Rs 1,000. Yes, some idiots will buy that. After you sell around a hundred fakes, you should have enough cash to buy the real one! Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home, or anywhere at all.

5. Take (Another) Loan

This is probably the cleanest (read boring) way we could find.

Who cares if those education and home loans won’t go away? Might as well apply for one more. Live on dal-rice for a few years and you can definitely afford the additional EMI for this life-changing investment.

We hope these tips help you get the phone when it hits the shelves in November. Or just buy an Android and use the rest of the cash for a Euro trip!

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar



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