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10 New Words In Urban Dictionary: Would You Use Them?

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10 New Words In Urban Dictionary: Would You Use Them?

Learn these words if slang is your thang

Remember the small box-shaped Oxford Dictionary you used to carry to school? Well, times changed and so did the meanings of several words. People got more active on social media and started forming their own lingo, which led to the rise of a dedicated slang manual – Urban Dictionary.

The online crowdsourced dictionary has helped us understand the meaning of words a formal dictionary would never carry – hangry, duck face, fucktard, thang etc – so you don’t look completely clueless on Twitter!

Here’s a list of cool new words to add to your slingo:

1. Teensplaining

When your teenage brother or sister tries to outsmart parents in an argument and explains stuff that is totally made up, that’s teensplaining. Wait, you do that too?

2. Feminazi

Feminists believe in women’s equality and fight for women’s rights. Feminazis, on the other hand, just think men are idiots! They’re feminist nazis on a mission to slap every guy who’s ever called a woman ‘tota’ or ‘item’ and we’re not complaining.

3. Brandstitute

This new word is so apt for Bollywood actors being complete sellouts for brands. Like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan selling a ‘White Perfect’ fairness cream. Miss Rai, we’re okay being not white, and not perfect.

4. Screwbered

This refers to being a victim of a bad experience with Uber cabs and honestly that’s most of us, every now and then. No offence, Uber, but we see this word getting real popular in Mumbai and Delhi!

5. Slut Clean

This means, to clean up before your slut comes over so she doesn’t see your filthy socks lying around. While this may sound too crass, we’re thinking of some alternative meanings for slut cleaning, starting with corrupt municipal offices.

6. Vegas

A guy who is single and ready to mingle, who loves women, booze and partying. In India, we already have a word for this – Ranbir Kapoor.

7. Amerrassing

We bet you’ve come across at least one American tourist whose behaviour was totally Amerrassing – when the tourist was being so ‘white’, it’s embarrassing! (Don’t get Trump’d by this one).

8. Confuckused

Have you ever been fuckin’ confused in a trigonometry class? Or been in dilemma to choose between dinner with the girlfriend or boy’s night out? It’s called being confuckused.

9. Date Crasher

We’ve heard of photo bombers and wedding crashers, and now, Urban Dictionary introduces us to date crashers, a not-so-rare breed we also know as kabab mein haddi.

10. Phone Neck

This one’s for all of us peeping into our mobile phones for long hours with the neck down. Soon our mothers will say, “beta put your phone away, otherwise you’re getting a permanent phone neck!”

Have you come across any other fun words in Urban Dictionary? Tell us in the comments below.

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