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Meet The Household Heroes



Meet The Household Heroes

The awesome reality of being a housewife in the 21st century

As Queen Bey rightly proclaimed — girls run the world! But running a household is not considered real work, and being a housewife is not considered a real job.

Our generation is guilty of creating this image of the perfect 21st century woman as someone who balances her work and her family life — and that’s great. But if she’s a stay-at-home mother or a housewife, is she any less awesome?

She’s faced with questions like: “Oh, you’re just a housewife?” and “why would you only take care of the household if you’re capable of doing a job and earning extra income?”

As millennials, we’re mostly always focusing on our careers and materialistic achievements. Success comes to us with a satisfying job and a heavy paycheque.

Believe it or not, there is a bunch of women out there that’s redefining success in their own vocabulary. We are talking about full-time housewives!

The Millennial Housewife

Smart, young, educated, and proud to be a housewife — she leads a different life by choice. And she sure doesn’t care what corporate 9-to-5 robots think of her.

She successfully runs her house, looks after her husband, in-laws, and children, and still manages to nurture her hobbies and passions.

She is a badass who can make a grocery list and actually find every item on it. She can handle the great Indian bai and can actually make her clean behind the bed, no kidding. She can cook like a pro chef and decorate like a designer.

A man may be an accountant in the office, but at home, she is the economist. From the sabziwala to the dudhwala, she can bargain her way out of Zara too!

Hubbies, look at the bright side: she’s not busy phubbing and checking work emails on her phone, and never too tired to spend quality time with you. But more importantly, she is the hero of the house, managing every little thing while you’re away.

Do you know why some millennial women are choosing to be a housewife, even though they are highly qualified? Let’s find out.

In Conversation with Real Women

We spoke to some women to find out how they really felt about giving up on a career and being full-time housewives.

Sanjana Chauhan* (25) said, “I think it is about priorities. Currently, my priority is to enjoy my marriage, spend time with my husband and start a family. I will never want my child to be raised by a babysitter. I want to embrace every aspect of life as it comes — and becoming a housewife is one of them.”

When Disha Sharma* (24) was asked if she felt embarrassed to take money from her husband, she said, “We belong to a generation which is not deprived. Our families have done enough hard work for us to live without struggle. I take care of the house and he makes money, which is enough for the both of us to live happily.”

She also said that she prefers taking care of all the household work herself — it’s not like she’s forced into it. “So I do what I do best, and I deserve to get a share of his earnings. I am making his life easier!” *names changed on request

Vaishali Raut (28) made a valid point when she said: “Our moms didn’t have corporate jobs, but we still love them for looking after us, and respect them for the strong, inspirational women they are. Then why do we judge millennial women who have chosen to be housewives?”

We’re very proud of our fellow millennial sisters who juggle their professional and personal lives — it isn’t easy. At the same time, women who’ve turned their backs on 9-to-5 and have devoted themselves to family and home must be lauded too. They’ve chosen to make time for the most precious moments of marital life, and their choice must be respected, not judged.

Our generation needs to change the perception towards stay-at-home moms and wives because they are, indeed, the real sheroes.

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