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Are You A Feminist Or A Feminazi?


Gender Issues

Are You A Feminist Or A Feminazi?

Understanding the difference between feminism and gender bias

In a nation where women are objectified, patronised and mocked at, feminism is indeed the need of the hour. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you could call yourself a feminist and support women’s equality – which is great! But the catchword here is equality, and that’s where the difference between a feminist and a feminazi lies.

Rise of the Feminazi

Gender bias is rampant in present-day rural as well as urban India, and there’s no doubt that women face it more than men do.

Feminism is an important tool to encourage equal rights for all (including the LGBT section of the society).

Nidhaan Kaushal, 22, a freelance web designer, shares his views on gender bias in the name of feminism, “I consider myself a feminist, but it gets too much sometimes. News anchors and journalists have reduced this word to a negative one. I think feminism is about gender equality – and not just for women.”

Fortunately, most millennials today understand the true meaning and relevance of feminism. At the same time, we’re also witnessing the rise of the feminazi.

Right off the bat, it sounds like a negative term – and it is. This word is used by women who consider themselves the flag-bearers of feminism while being sexist and unfair.

A feminazi hates all men in general; she not only believes in women’s rights but also affirms that men deserve no rights.

She believes that shaving her legs and wearing a bra are signs of oppression. Well, that’s a matter of personal preference – some of us can’t go a week without shaving! What’s feminism gotta do with it?

A person who shames men because they’re men, or believes that they don’t deserve equal social, economic or educational rights or respect, is a feminazi – not a feminist.

Speaking of Equal Rights

It is important to draw the line between a feminist and a feminazi because the latter is inclined towards gender bias.

Men face difficulties too but sadly, there’s no ‘male-ism’ to defend them. Here in India, it is even worse, because men are expected not to express emotions or weakness.

They are made to believe in the concept of mardaangi and clichés like mard ko dard nahi hota and ladke rote nahi! This not only sets unrealistic expectations of men’s behaviour, but also hinders their personal growth.

According to Kavya Singh, 22, a final year BDS student at Himachal Dental College, “Men are an important part of our society just as the ying and yang are both important constituents of the universe. Being a feminazi (and being against men) is nothing to be proud of. It is against the idea of feminism.”

Every human being, regardless of their gender, deserves a respectable place in the society. So while you strongly endorse feminism, don’t garner unnecessary hatred for men.

Our country is developing and still has a long way to go. Hating and dividing ourselves isn’t going to help.

Remember, feminism is progressive. Gender bias is not.

What are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comments below.

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