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Five Ways to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Wedding Guests Entertained -
Wedding Guests Entertained -


Five Ways to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Simple ideas to ensure that your extended family and friends have the Best.Time.Ever. at your wedding. (No, you won’t be spending a bomb.)

Indian weddings are a three-day affair at the very minimum. You have guests coming in from all the parts of the country and maybe the world. There are a lot of ceremonies to attend, relatives to meet and food to die for amidst all the singing and dancing. But that’s what guests do at every wedding, right? How is yours going to be different then?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here are some simple but thoughtful ways to make all your outstation guests feel welcome and make the most of their little holiday. 

A city tour

Every place has its own specialities and uniqueness, be it a heritage spot like Udaipur or an industrial city like Jamshedpur. Just hire a few cars or book a mini bus. Pack it with some snacks, water, a Bluetooth speaker and get a localite (a close neighbour or a childhood buddy perhaps?) to take your guests around the town. You will get plus points if there is a famous temple, a beach, a national park or a national heritage site close to your venue.

Soumya Pandey Bhartiya, a 26-year-old CA from Pune, who got married recently, said, “ I had a beautiful destination wedding in Pench, Madhya Pradesh and had guests coming in from all different parts of India. Most of them had not visited the town before. So, we planned an early morning Jungle Safari for everyone at the Pench National Park. They still keep sharing stories from that day!”

Movie screening under the stars

If you want to opt for something that is a little more laidback, then go for a late night movie screening under the open sky. Book a hotel lawn or the amphitheatre (if any) and hire a projector, a few speakers, and play a classic or popular film for your wedding guests. You can also keep some popcorn and blankets handy!

Organise a friendly cricket match

This is one way to really draw in all the men in your wedding party, while their wives and dates are attending a mehendi or a ladies sangeet. Keep them entertained arranging for cricket supplies and cordoning off some empty space outside. You don’t even need a proper pitch for this one because who hasn’t played gully cricket in our country! To add some more fun, you can also make a boy’s side vs. girl’s side match. A new-age event designer, Vedika Goel from Florance Flora Celebrations said, “It’s a fresh change and a great idea to break the ice between the bride and groom’s families and it’s equally enjoyable for the spectators.”

DIY lessons

Let’s not forget our nanis and dadis or even the little kids for that matter. Get a bunch of stationary supplies and an instructor (you can also select and play youtube videos instead) and you are good to go.  Bonus points if you can get them to work on wedding favours in the process, like decorating giveaway mason jars or making little thank-you cards. Tanya Agrawal and Nikhil Agarwal, who have a Kolkata wedding around the corner, are planning their Mehendi function with the ‘entertainment quotient’ in mind. Tanya rightly pointed out that now-a-days “Mehendi functions are less about actually putting mehendi and more about quirky enjoyments. So, we have variety of stalls put up that day in the lawn. There are games for all age groups and props to take pictures with.”  

Plan a photoshoot for your guests

Weddings are one such occasion where everybody looks their best. Why not capture these moments? Ask your photographer to do some extra shots and take a beautiful family picture of all the guests and their family members in tow. You can also give away frames as wedding favours, for them to later print and put up a copy in their homes. In any case, the pictures will definitely make rounds on every social media platform. Much like doing PR for your wedding. *winks*

Vedika adds, “Guests like to be engaged and like to feel a closer part of the celebration. You can also involve them while shooting your wedding short film and take their bytes. Makes them feel special.”

Remember, there’s no need to always go overboard and spend a fortune to have a wedding that is memorable. Your guests are attending for you, and even the smallest gesture from your side will be generously appreciated. So, deep breaths and put your best smile on. You’ve got this.

Getting married soon? How do you plan to make your wedding functions memorable? Tell us in the comments!




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