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Celebrating Millennial Moms

Mothers Day


Celebrating Millennial Moms

On Mother’s Day today, we look at motherhood in its modern avatar

Happy Mother’s Day to all the millennial mommies out there!…(though we firmly believe that one single day is just not enough to celebrate moms and what they stand for). On Mother’s Day today, we look at motherhood in its modern avatar and salute women who embrace it while upholding their dreams and identity.

Think about your mom, or your mom’s mom; their life was tough without all kinds of new age gadgets and equipment, and the cultural makeup of our society was also different back then. Sometimes you hear them say, ‘humare time mein toh humne bahot kuch kiya hai‘ (we worked very hard in our times)—and we’re sure they did. But does that really brand the mothers of this generation as lazy or give them the tag of ‘an irresponsible parent’?

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput decided to be a stay-at-home mom and was quoted saying, “I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child. I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work. She is not a puppy.” Obviously, she received a lot of flak for it! Working moms from all over criticised her mindless comment.

Modern moms are different in terms of their parenting style, their work-life balance and their overall belief system. So what if she’s not washing clothes—she’s busy compiling her presentation. So what if she opts for day care—she has a meeting to attend and could use a helping hand. All this doesn’t mean she’s not a good mother or she doesn’t want to take care of her child. She loves him or her as much as her mom loved her, and she’s always thinking about her child’s future. She’s no ordinary mom, she’s a millennial mom, so don’t judge her; admire and look up to her.

Being Mom: Then vs Now

There was a time when mothers were bound at home doing jobs like cooking, laundering and looking after their husband, in-laws and kids. Granted their children were somewhat less demanding (this is a general observation) and were happy with their simple fun and games because, of course, they were not introduced to addictive technology yet.

But young moms these days are not nestled within the four walls of the house performing chores. They yearn to be progressive parents handling both, home and work simultaneously. Kinjal Nevil Darukhanawala, 33, founder and CEO of Wegan Foods says, “As a working mom who is raising a daughter in a nuclear family, I would say that my parenting style is hands-on, yet one that involves external childcare. My goal is to raise a daughter, who grows up to be financially independent, emotionally intelligent and well-adjusted. And I plan on doing so by practicing what I preach. More so, I have learnt to not be very harsh on myself and give everything my best shot, by stepping away from the comparison game.”

As observed by Dr Shikha Garg, a young paediatrician and a mother, “New age moms are more aware and more concerned about their child’s health and development. They try hard to keep up with the pace of life, which is commendable but is double-edged. We now expect more from kids as well and every mom wants a super kid.”

This is a very real fact. Young moms have the pressure of keeping up with all the competition and demand posed by the upcoming generation—be it in terms of schooling, dining, or being aware of technology. You can’t give a confused flabbergasted face to your child, after all; you need to be on top of things. Sounds easy but it’s not; however, more and more young moms from different strata of the society are accepting this change and rising to the challenge with a smile on their faces. Kudos to them!

New Age, New Expectations

Things have changed. Both socially and politically. Mothers are no more ready to let unwanted things stay on with them, be it pregnancy fat or low self-esteem. The meaning of multitasking has changed for her. From earlier doing cooking and laundering at the same time, it has now changed to handling home and work together with perfection. She not only wants to decide the dinner menu but also wants to take the financial decisions with her husband now. She does not want to lose a single opportunity to make use of her time and talents. We see the most successful Bollywood and political personalities coming out as outstanding mothers too. A woman whether working from home or office is equally paying attention at home as well.

As Divya Jain, a 32-year-old mother tells us, “The world of parenting is revolutionised to a great extent, especially for mothers. With the kind of knowledge and exposure they have, young moms are no more hiding that baby bump as it was in earlier times, but sharing their maternity shoot on social websites.”

Mothers are understanding, that’s why kids don’t lie to them now; mothers are friendly, that’s why kids trust them now; they are smart, that’s why kids believe them now. No matter how strong or stern she is in handling her tasks, at heart, she is just a loving mom. And she truly deserves the same love too!

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