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Why My Brother Will Always Be My Best Friend



Why My Brother Will Always Be My Best Friend

Adorable sibling stories for Raksha Bandhan

For most millennials, the dynamics of Raksha Bandhan have quite changed. We may not be celebrating it with as much pomp and enthusiasm as we did when we were kids. Sometimes, we don’t happen to be in the same city as our brother/sister to celebrate. Or we no longer attach a religious significance to it.

But whether you celebrate it or not, the special bond that you share with your brother can never change. As siblings you must have been through so much together, that they’re perhaps the only ones to know who you truly are. They can answer your unasked questions and can sense if you’re in trouble, quicker that the speed of light!

Childhood Memories

27-year-old journalist, Noma Nazish shares, “When we were kids, I wasn’t always the best sister. But he has always been the very best brother anyone can ever have. We’re four years apart so when we were younger, I used to use that age gap as an excuse to pull rank and grab the best of everything, be it chocolates, cakes, toys or books. He, on the other hand, has always been the kindest person. From saving the largest portion of dessert for me to sharing his toys and passing on the TV remote without putting up a fight. He has always shared everything, happily, without even having to ask for it. As we grew up I realised how selfless he has always been, right from the start. My very first and the bestest best friend.”

For Priyanka Khatri, 24, her brother has been a constant source of motivation. “Especially during my gap year, I naturally felt a little lost while he was literally out there conquering the world! He performed extremely well on the professional front. I have to admit I felt a little jealous, because he was just a year older to me and was all that I wasn’t: confident, focussed and successful. But despite that, he understood me like no one else could. He encouraged me to pursue my dreams, took out time from his busy schedule to hang out with me and even dealt with my emotional outbursts. I really don’t know how I would’ve sailed through that period without him.”

“My brother is my 24/7 in-house source of entertainment”, quips Anmol, 21, a student at the University of Delhi. “Life would be extremely boring without him. We must have been the naughtiest siblings ever! From dissecting insects to dismantling appliances, he’s always been a part of all the crazy experiments I ever wanted to try out as a kid. And since he’s 5 years younger than me, growing up with him was like having an extended period of childhood and teenage. I am glad we have those memories to laugh about, although he can make me laugh in almost any situation, especially when it demands seriousness!”

Akansha Kotiyal, 29, technical consultant at Column Technologies  recalls, “The most vivid memory that I have from my childhood is when I and my brother ended up burning two of my mom’s kurtas! I still don’t know what transpired, but we were bursting crackers in the balcony where mom had put her clothes to dry. It’s hilarious, but we’re looking around to hide the ashes as if it was a dead body that had to be hidden! When mom found out, he took the blame on himself and obviously got thrashed. I have lost count of the number of times he’s been scolded alone for our mistakes just because he’s the elder one. Still don’t know how he developed that sense of being responsible for me, even when we’re just a year apart.”

For Bhawna Giroh, 25, a teacher,  Raksha Bandhan is extremely special. “As a kid, I would eagerly wait for it each year because of the surprise gift that my brother used to get me. Even today he does the same. He just somehow finds out what’s on my wish list and gets the same for me, be it books, bags, the latest cellphone or laptop. It’s not really the gift anymore, but the fact that he ensures that my wishes are fulfilled, that really warms my heart. Even if we’re in different cities, his gift reaches me on time. The significance that he’s attached to this festival is what makes it so special to me.”

Do you have any special childhood memories with your brother? Tell us in the comments below.

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