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Going Green In Style

Going Green In Style -


Going Green In Style

Five homegrown organic clothing labels that might appeal to the environmentally-sensitive fashionista in you.

We take our clothes — and everything else–for granted.

Not many of us question whether that Lycra dress we just bought will add to our carbon footprint, or if little kids were forced into labor, or if that designer shirt is made of organic fabric by local handloom artisans.

Sustainable and socially-responsible fashion is, however, becoming a prominent trend, with a number of creative Indian brands venturing into this niche space.

Here are five homegrown organic clothing labels that might appeal to the environmentally-sensitive fashionista in you.

No Nasties

This ‘100% organic, 100% fair trade’ clothing brand is based out of Goa, and they strongly believe in improving the lives of small-scale organic cotton farmers. Their cotton is sourced directly from organic cotton farms and they stick to ethical labor practices in the manufacturing process as well.

The brand makes spunky cotton T-shirts with minimalist artwork and great fits.

Read more about their work and involvement with social communities here, and follow them on Facebook here. You can buy their products online too.


An organic and fair trade clothing brand with its roots in ethical practices and non-violence, Bhu:sattva has evolved into an interesting label. Apart from using natural colors, organic fabric ranging from hemp, bamboo and jute to aloe vera, indigo, pineapple and so on, the brand believes in nurturing farming, weaving and artisan communities across the country.

For more details, visit their website where you can order online, or follow their Facebook page.

11:11 by CellDSGN

This luxury clothing brand works in synergy with organic farmers, weavers and artisans, and aims to keep the art of vegetable dyeing and block printing alive.

Their real USP is that their clothes are made from reclaimed and recycled vintage saris. They also have some uber-cool khadi denim trousers.

Find them on Facebook and check out their website where you can shop and/or search for stores.  

Zeme Organics

Zeme Organics is a Bangalore-based organic clothing brand that was established in 2007.

The word ‘zeme’ comes from Latvian mythology and it translates to ‘goddess of the earth’.

True to their name, the brand makes organic clothing that is free of chemicals and harmful dyes. Apart from their vast collection, Zeme also makes a special 100% certified organic jeans entirely from biodegradable material.

Check them out on Facebook and you can buy online or search for one of their shops on their website


This Pollachi-based ethical fashion brand is known for its beautiful handcrafted saris made of organic fabric–organic cotton, Ahimsa silk and the likes.

The brand believes in the philosophy of inclusive growth ‘from farm to fashion’, and this reflects in every aspect of the manufacturing and supply chain process.

Not only does the brand empower farming and weaving communities across the forests of South India, but it also ensures that the products are organic and natural.

Check their Facebook page for more details.



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