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Try These Home Hacks With Your Next Subway Order

Try These Home Hacks With Your Next Subway Order


Try These Home Hacks With Your Next Subway Order

Ordering a Subway is possibly not the most exciting food decision to make (but it’s so easy!) Here are five ways to spice it up at home with everyday ingredients.

Most fast-food chains are only good for quick weekday lunches or as a last-minute option at the food court when you’re out shopping. Subway, thanks to its limited menu, falls under both these categories.  You know what you’re going to get when you order a sub, but it can also get boring as hell. 

For days when you are in the mood to eat something ‘relatively’ healthy (but don’t want that same old Roast Chicken with Honey Mustard), here’s an easy way out: Call for a Sub and jazz it up with ingredients lying around the house. Not only will it break the monotony, but you can actually don your chef’s hat for this one (without burning any fingers!).

Here are five winning home hacks to get your started.

Let’s roll with a Chicken Tandoori wrap

Juicy chunk of pre-marinated chicken barbecued to perfection are always a win-win. Yet, when added in between two slices of bread, that tandoori loses a lot of its edge. 

So, the next time you order from Subway, get one Chicken Tandoori salad instead of the sub, and follow these simple steps to turn it into a snack for two.

You will need:

  • Two leftover rotis or parathas
  • Two eggs

Fry an egg and flip a roti over it  when the egg is half cooked. Toast the roti once again until you’ve got a nice crispy edge to it. Now, pack in half of the salad and wrap it up. Repeat with the other roti. That’s a scrumptious weeknight meal for your mate and you right there.

Pro-tip: Add some onions, lime and some chaat masala for a truly satisfying roll. 

Pig out on a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sub for Breakfast

Soft eggs on a bed of melted cheese and toasted bread, finished with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper is already a breakfast winner. But a few quick fixes while waiting on the sub will make it a breakfast for champions, which is what you are!

What you will need:

  • HP Brown Sauce or BBQ sauce. If you have neither, just ask Subway to douse your order with some. 
  • Bacon

Get a few rashers of bacon going on the pan/oven. When your sub arrives, assemble a couple of crisply fried rashers and a good squeeze of brown sauce. Pack it all in and there you have it – a grand bacon butty!

Pasta me the tuna!

It might be the one thing on the Subway menu that is ignored by many of you, but with the right home hack, the tuna sub can be a great comfort meal. 

Things you will need:

  • A cup of pasta, boiled and salted
  • Cheese

Either call for a tuna salad or save the bread  from your sub and empty the filling into an ovenproof bowl. Now, mix it with some cooked pasta. Finally, grate some cheese and pop it in the oven! What you get is a deliciously cheesy tuna bake that’s a gift from the bottom of an ocean’s heart.

Just remember: no other sauces, no extra veggies, and just the right finish of salt and pepper. Don’t forget to crisp up the bread in the oven; it goes well with the pasta.

Get the party started!

Many of us have shied away from ordering a foot-long sub because of its sheer size. But is there a right time to get one of these big boys?

Of course! When you’re hosting a party and don’t wanna splurge too much on finger food, get a footlong or two – depending on the size of your party – and simply cut it into bite size canapés, drive a toothpick through them, and pass the plate around to your guests.

Not only is it affordable, but also makes for great party food!

Chaat up the Aloo Patty

For all vegetarians out there, Subway has been a safe choice when eating abroad, or when craving a quick, clean snack in the country. Among its limited choices, the Aloo Patty Sub is a universal favorite. After all, what’s not to love about this 100% potato patty, seasoned with a special mix of herbs and spices?

However, we’ve discovered that it also makes the perfect base for a good chaat; while scoring high on the hygiene quotient.

What you will need:

  • 2 tbps of yoghurt
  • Pinch of sugar
  • Hot sauce / Coriander chutney
  • Chaat masala

All you have to do is empty the sub filling, including the patty, tomatoes, onions, peppers and the rest in a bowl, add a generous helping of yogurt, some sugar, green or red chutney (or we’ve found that any hot sauce helps) and a good sprinkle of chaat masala. Mix it up and your delicious aloo chaat is ready!

Pro-tip: If your don’t want to deal with that soggy bread, ditch the sub and order the salad version instead. 

Hungry already? Tell us which ones are your favourite or add to the list. Happy Subwaying!




Simon takes great pride in shuffling between the ridiculous and the sublime. He likes gourmet à la carte as much as chaat parties, mad nights out but also movie nights in. His aim in life, besides jumping a waterfall, is to have a good friend in every major city in the world.

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