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Spotlight: In Conversation With Youtuber Ishpreet Kaur

Interview - Ishpreet Kaur


Spotlight: In Conversation With Youtuber Ishpreet Kaur

How she left her well-paying job to become a full-time DIY vlogger.

Ishpreet Kaur remembers herself as a little kid with vivid dreams in her eyes, who absolutely loved decorating her holiday homework and working on the classroom board. However, her love for arts and crafts had to take a backseat because the bane of good grades involves a medical degree after school. Although she wanted to be an interior designer, Ishpreet didn’t have the courage or the foresight as a timid teenager to go against her family’s will.

After dabbling in dentistry and doing MBA from a top college, she went on to get placed in a pharmaceutical company for a seven-figure pay-package but didn’t find it to be worth her while. After three years of slaving away, she finally quit. “It was getting frustrating, waking up everyday with the feeling that I don’t want to go to work,” says Ishpreet. “However, I was convinced that life cannot be a punishment; it has to be beautiful and that there’s a better world for me out there.”

Backed by this conviction, she decided to take her life into her own hands. One fine evening, while binge-watching Youtube videos, she struck gold. “I thought that I could start a Youtube channel as I have so much to share with the world,” she says. “I did my research and started the channel. Back then I was also handling my dental startup. However, I was enjoying making Youtube videos more as I felt I was back to doing things that I used to enjoy as a kid. So I shut everything else down and well, here I am — a full-time Youtuber!”

Ishpreet’s Youtube channel Slick and Natty does clever DIYs, fashion hacks and natural skin care tips. Just about nine months old, it has more than 160,000 subscribers and 9 million views!

IB: How do you usually come up with a DIY idea?

Ishpreet: Ideas come from everywhere and in all possible ways. There have been times when I dreamt of an idea while I was half-asleep, and immediately got up to execute it. Similarly, there are certain ideas have been locked up in my mind for aeons but I could never find time to bring those to life. Many ideas came through observations, too, which provoked vivid imaginations in my head, the results of which are beautiful. And of course, there are also those DIY videos which were requested by my viewers, which only come about after thorough research and creative application!

IB: There are tons of female fashion bloggers around. How do you carve out a niche in such a competitive field, and stay relevant at the same time?

Ishpreet: There are three things that I feel have helped me carve out a niche in the fashion vlogging space. Firstly my content; the kind of videos I make requires a lot of effort and time. There are not many people willing to do so. Secondly, I explain it well—it is actually quite difficult to shoot and explain a DIY. I have always made it a point to explain things as well as I can, I always imagine every possible doubt a viewer can have and try to answer all those in my videos. And third, I listen to my viewers by taking the time out to read their comments and messages. If you’re making videos for them, that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

IB: What’s the perfect everyday outfit for urban millennial girls, in your opinion?

Ishpreet: Simply put, the one that makes you feel good about yourself.

IB: This might be difficult, but if you had to pick one favourite video you’ve created, which one would it be?

Ishpreet: My favourite video is 3 Ways to Convert and Reuse Your Old Dupattas/Scarves, because it the first of my ‘convert old clothes’ series. The video subsequently got so popular that it became a sort of a game changer for my channel. After that, I started getting tons of requests for similar DIYs, so that’s definitely my favourite!

IB: What’s the one fashion advice you’d give to anyone who’s reading this?

Ishpreet: Don’t be a slave to fashion fads—know your body, find your own sense of style and dress accordingly. Stay aware of trends, but if they don’t look good on you, don’t force it and try to fit in, and try something else instead.

IB: What can we expect from Slick and Natty in the future?

Ishpreet: Honestly, I am new to this, and things have happened so quickly that I haven’t had the time to sit back and plan the future in detail. I do hope to grow further, so what I do promise is that I will definitely try out newer and more innovative things in the forthcoming days.

Image Credit: Slick and Natty/Ishpreet Kaur





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