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Hair Trends to Flaunt this New Year

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Hair Trends to Flaunt this New Year

Styles, cuts, and colors to watch out for in 2017.

We may be only a fortnight into 2017, but it would seem that style definitions for the year are already being formed. As is with most trends, the popular styles from 2016 will stick around for a while, till the next round of Fashion Weeks determine the next big upset.

We caught up with a few hair experts to figure out some effortless hair trends that are going to be everywhere in 2017. Luckily, many of these aren’t too hard to style on your own.

Layered Bob

According to pro hairstylist Raman Bhardwaj, and owner of A N John, Kolkata, the bob is in vogue, especially those styled with layers which can transform your entire look. So, trim it like Victoria Beckham and get that ultra-chic look in no time.

How To:

Start with adding a styling product to your already damp hair. Use a styling brush to smoothen your hair while you blow dry. Apply heat protection serum to your hair. Use a flat iron to smoothen your hair from the mid to the ends. Finish with shine serum.

Half Zigzag Part

Lost with your long hair? Walk the zigzag way, and up your style quotient this year with lots of volume. 

How to:

Part your hair while it’s wet. Separate your bangs from the center keeping the rest of the hair at the back. Now, gather the rest of your hair and pull it into a ponytail. Use a rat tail comb and slide it across the bangs where you get the natural parting and stop right there, not going beyond the center. Pull the bangs behind both your ears. Finish with hair gloss and hair-fixing spray.

Glam Waves

Twisted beachy waves with a movie star effect, this one’s my plain favorite and 2 minutes is all you need. Whenever in doubt or short of time, simply get your ends twisted and there you go girl!

How to:

Get hold of a flat iron and yes, that’s all you need. Start with a hair mist or a wavy spray. Take two sections of one side, create a twisted cord, hold them towards the end, and then again twist them around each other. Twist them tight, hold them on the ends and run a heated hair straightener along the length, starting at the top. Allow your tresses to cool completely before you untangle. Repeat the same for the other side. Finish with a strong hold hair lacquer for a long-lasting effect.

Super sleek

Love poker straight hair? This all-time favorite is trending AGAIN. Wondering how to get that sleek and shiny look without breaking your bank?

How to:

Centre part your hair with a fine tooth comb or a rat tail comb. Spray on some heat protectant before you get those hard straight strands. Run the heated straightener along, but make sure you do not end up frying your hair. Finish with a hair serum for that shine.


This messy haircut called “shag” was a hit in 2016, and doesn’t seem likely to fade so soon. If you have hair that’s just below the shoulders and long enough bangs that splits down the center, that’s all you need to rock the look this year. 

How to:

Use a hard gel to add some cool texture to your shaggy look. Spread it on your palms, mix it up well, and apply on hair. Use a wide tooth comb for an even distribution. To create movement (if you’ve got straight hair) part your hair into zigzag pattern and make 6-12 twisted buns all across your head. Use a diffuser to blow dry. Now, loosen the buns and untangle them with your fingers.

Use a styling spray for added texture, long hold and for a more messy effect. 

Hair flip

Running short of time for that hairstyling session? And, you need that volume too? Go for the easiest hairstyle in vogue this year and make a candid statement.

How to:

Use a quality hair serum for that shine. Now, simply flip your hair on the reverse side. Hold the lighter side of hair with a bobby pin or simply let it loose, make your choice. Finish with a hair lacquer (if you wish).

Color me Ombre

Coloring your hair is one trend that’s not gonna die anytime soon. While the Balayage technique on medium layers or bobs will still remain a hit, steel grey Ombre is the highlight of the year, says Bhardwaj.



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