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5 Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas For Your Kitchen



5 Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas For Your Kitchen

It’s time you gave your kitchen a facelift (without spending a fortune). Read these tips for inspiration.

In India, kitchens are the most important and yet somehow the most neglected spaces of our homes. Don’t know about you, but we won’t even fix a cup of tea on a messy counter. A beautiful, well-organised kitchen is a dream to work in, don’t you think? So pick a weekend and team up with your mum or roommate to give your kitchen a much-needed makeover. With our tips below, you’ll find that it isn’t very difficult or too heavy on the pocket. Even if the space is small, making basic changes will create a big difference to the overall aesthetics.

Follow this guide and redo your kitchen in style.

1. Make Smart Use Of Existing Space

Not all of us have the luxury of a large kitchen. But that should be no excuse to leave it messy and unorganised. Once you clear the mess, you might be surprised by how much space you actually had all along.

To begin, bring together all your things of daily use. This could include packets of masalas lying around, condiments, snacks, and tea/coffee powders. Sort them as per usage and then place the frequently used ones in the front of the cabinet, saving the rear end to store everything else (minus the stuff that you think you might use someday, but you know you never will—get rid of it right away!)

Invest in good-quality organiser trays and use hooks or baskets to hang up things like spatulas, pans, towels, and cleaners that otherwise occupy too much space in the drawers. Use triangular steel racks at wall corners to store things out of the way. You can also add to the existing counter space by getting a pull-out or a drop-down counter, which can be neatly stashed away when not in use.

2. Surprise Your Guests With Unexpected Accents

Who says one cannot be creative with smaller spaces? Try painting or doodling on the inside of glass cabinets; use colours and patterns that complement the rest of the kitchen décor. You could also use a signature rug to give it a more comfortable and inviting feel. How about hanging up a pretty mirror on one of the walls to reflect light?
Another idea to liven up your kitchen space is to set up a mini herb garden by the window. Or simply place a slim vase of flowers by the sink.

3. Make Way For Metals

No matter how pocket-friendly, plastic is just unappealing. Replacing those plastic accessories with metallic ones will not hurt as much if you consider the classy look it will add to your kitchen.
Install a few high-quality metallic fixtures in keeping with the theme of your kitchen to give it a subtle, yet classy edge. Deepika Jindal, creative director and MD, JSL Lifestyle explains why metals are gaining popularity, “A stainless kitchen looks futuristic and is completely in sync with modern-day houses. The new trend is to combine it with other materials such as wood or marble.” Be careful not to put bulky metallic fixtures on display everywhere—keep things delicate.

4. Play With Colours

Pastel and neutral shades have been ruling the kitchen scene since quite some time now. Such shades create the perfect background to make your fancy knives and ladles stand out. But more importantly, they make a small kitchen look more spacious. If you find painting the kitchen a tedious affair, experiment with wallpapers and draw the eyes upwards by painting just the ceiling in a lighter shade. Another smart way to add colour to the kitchen is to paint just the frame of the window in a bright, contrasting shade.

5. Let There Be Light

All your efforts to redecorate would fall flat if you fail to accentuate them with the right lights. If you have decorated your kitchen with a work of art or have painted on the insides of the cabinets, make sure to enhance those areas using lights.
Lighting will not only make the place look bigger and brighter but when used smartly, it will draw attention away from darker furnishings such as old wooden cabinets. You could also experiment with placing soft lights under the cabinets.




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