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6 Netflix Shows You’ll Come Away From Smarter



6 Netflix Shows You’ll Come Away From Smarter

These shows are interesting and informative

There are few things that bring on the guilt harder than binge-watching a TV show, especially when it’s eating into your productive time.

Why not watch something that’ll add to your bank of knowledge instead of hitting play on a trashy show? We’ve rounded up a few gems from Netflix – from fictional pieces to documentaries- that fit the bill, if you’re looking for entertainment with value.

1. Dear White People

Racism and social injustice form the central focus of this hard-hitting series. It deals with life at an American university, and the polarising dynamics between white people and people of colour. It’s shot and written well, making enormous issues a little easier to understand and digest.

The series is based on a movie of the same name that released in 2014 which you can also find on Netflix.

2. The Get Down

Set in late 1970s Bronx, New York City, this retro two-season series takes you through the period where hip-hop began to flourish.

There are splashes of real-time footage to supplement the fictional stories, and it’s a treat for music (and history) buffs. With Baz Luhrmann’s art direction and a brilliant soundtrack to boot!

You could also check out Hip-Hop Revolution – a documentary with interviews with hip-hop figures that gained prominence between 1970-1990.

3. Iris

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fashion or design enthusiast that hasn’t heard of style maven Iris Apfel. A living legend in her own right; her styling-prowess has been a subject of intrigue for all her admirers.

Great news: this feature length interview documents her process, her favourite pieces and some of her ideas. Creative inspiration and a reminder to be a little whimsical now and again.

4. Super High Me

What happens to your body if you smoke marijuana all day, everyday for a month straight? Comedian Dough Benson decided to take on the experiment, and documented his experience. Informative? Yes. Hilarious? You bet.

5. The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithm

We live in a digital world, where algorithms control how our content is seen on the internet, especially social-media networks. Ever wondered exactly how they work, or wanted to use them to optimise your visibility on the net?

This documentary with mathematician Marcus du Sautoy breaks it down for you. Definitely relevant to our lives.

6. Abstract: The Art of Design

Eight of the most creative figures in the world of art and design talk about their inspiration, their art and their work.

More importantly, the documentary sheds light on the prominent role that art and design play in our lives. An interesting watch for designers and laymen everywhere. Add this to your list.

Did this list tickle your fancy, or would you add something else to it? Give us your two cents in the comments below.

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Part-time writer and photographer, Namrata Juneja loves writing about everything from fashion and food to pop-culture and millennial issues. You can find her on Instagram, where she shares her photography and belts out her favorite Broadway show tunes.

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