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The 5 Best International Shows You Can Now Watch In India



The 5 Best International Shows You Can Now Watch In India

Move over Sherlock and GoT—there’s so much more to choose from.

The highly entertaining election campaigns are over. The custodians of comedy (be it The Viral Fever or Kapil Sharma) are now facing tragedy. And to top it all, Sherlock season 4 has left us asking for more with little hope of a comeback. What is life, if not a boring reminder of our mortality? We bet you too, like us, are hunting for something exciting to look forward to.

With the advent of DTH and video streaming services in India, it’s easier than ever to access the best of entertainment from all over the world. Move over Sherlock and GoT—there’s so much more to choose from. From period dramas to crime thrillers and comedies, these services offer a treasure trove of international shows never before seen on Indian television.

Go on, add these shows to your must-watch list.

1. Gomorrah

Genre: Crime drama
Plot line: Based in the suburbs of Naples, the story revolves around the Savastano family, which is struggling to maintain its status as a drug and street-crime mafia in the wake of threats by a rival gangster, Conte. Gomorrah (in pic) not only reveals the power struggles that take place within a hierarchically organised network of crime, but also the vulnerabilities of its antagonists as they strive for a life at least hidden, if not away from their grim realities.

Why you should watch it: This internationally acclaimed Italian show is based on the popular book, Gomorra by journalist Robert Saviano, and has also been adapted as an award-winning movie of the same name.

Where to watch it: Tata Sky Mobile App, Tata Sky HD set-top box.

2. Feud

Genre: Period drama
Plot line: The first season of the series deals with one the most infamous clashes in Hollywood: when the rivalry between Joan Crawford (played by Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (played by Susan Sarandon) took an ugly turn during the production of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962). Although much of the fight has been recorded on camera as well as of it, Feud manages to offer a fresh and mature take by focusing mainly on the backstage drama that took place during the production of Baby Jane.

Why you should watch it: Because if you said you aren’t interested in knowing how the fierce clash between the two Hollywood titans unfolded, we wouldn’t believe you! This anthology series will deal with a new controversial rivalry each season and Season 2 will deal with the differences between Prince Charles and Princess Diana!

Where to watch it: Hotstar.

3. Blindspot

Genre: Crime Drama
Plot line: A woman whose body is covered with tattoos is found naked in a duffle bag in the middle of Times Square. FBI investigation reveals that her memory has been erased and her tattoos, like a treasure map, are a code to the web of conspiracy and corruption the FBI will have to dismantle in order to find the truth behind this mysterious woman.

Why you should watch it: First, for the brilliant cast that features Jamie Alexander (best known as Sif from Thor: The Dark World), who essays the role of the mysterious woman Jane Doe, and Sullivan Stapleton (from 300: Rise of an Empire and Strike Back), who plays the FBI agent whose name is also found tattooed on Jane’s body.

Second, because you simply cannot miss the intricate artwork puzzle comprising those 100 intriguing tattoos on Jane’s body.

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime.

4. The Fall

Genre: Crime thriller, psychological drama
Plot line: The Fall raises questions about misogyny and madness through the story of detective superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), who is on a hunt for a killer attacking young professional women. Paul Spector (played by Jamie Dornan) hides behind the façade of a doting dad during the day while operating as a cold-blooded serial killer by night. Interestingly, Stella Gibson and Paul Spector are characterized as foils to each other.

Why you should watch it: Because much before Jamie Dornan had critics across the world fuming and girls across the world swooning (thanks to his portrayal of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades trilogy), he received accolades for his superb portrayal of Paul Spector.

Where to watch it: Netflix India.

5. Black Mirror

Genre: Fantasy, sci-fi anthology
Plot line: This award-winning series offers satirical social commentaries on the state of the modern world and the unexpected, unforeseen consequences of technology going all wrong. In the words of its creator, Charlie Brooker, “each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they’re all about the way we live now, and the way we might be living in 10 minutes if we’re clumsy.”

Why you should watch it: Black Mirror offers a thought-provoking take on the negative side of our obsession with and abuse of technology—a reminder that shall never be as relevant as it is now.

Where to watch it: Netflix India.

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