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10 Of The Best Underrated Shows On Netflix India

10 Underrated Shows On Netflix India


10 Of The Best Underrated Shows On Netflix India

Add these hidden gems to your must-watch list.

We love our Stranger Things, Narcos and Suits, but popular video streaming service Netflix India has so much more to offer. There are shows you endlessly discuss with your homies, and then there are those you tend to skip. What if we said you’ve been missing out on some real gems?

We’ve rounded up the best of the lesser-known shows on Netflix India—from romantic comedies to historic epics, sci-fi and crime dramas—there’s enough and more to binge-watch while you wait a week for the next episode of Riverdale.

PS: you don’t have to worry about spoilers because we are sure hardly anybody in your group has stumbled upon these yet. Be the first one!

1. Grace and Frankie

Genre: Comedy
The show caught my attention when I saw a familiar name; creator Marta Kauffman. Yes, of course you’ve seen that name for 10 long and entertaining seasons of FRIENDS. The premise of the show is completely different—two women in their 70s are left by their husbands for each other. While the show has its tear-jerking moments, they are few. It is packaged with a lot of wit and powerful performances (Jane Fonda plays Grace!).

2. Schitt’s Creek

Genre: Comedy
Schitt’s Creek (in pic) is the antithesis of the common sitcom plot, fresh off the boat. In this comic offering, it’s the rich people who are forced to start afresh with hardly any resources in a small town replete with eccentric characters. Stellar performances by award-wining Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy (of American pie fame) are effortlessly funny.

3. Luther

Genre: Crime Drama
Idris Elba plays John Luther, an obsessive yet genius detective dealing with psychopaths and murderers. Each episode uncovers a different crime scene, while keeping us keenly involved with Luther’s twisted personal life. The show also stars Ruth Wilson of The Affair fame; she portrays a neurotic criminal who ends up helping Luther solve crimes. With interesting characters and a gripping storyline, Luther is a short series you don’t want to miss.

4. Versailles

Genre: History, Drama
The carnal quotient and production value of Game Of Thrones meets the opulence and grandiose of Downtown Abbey in this larger-than-life retelling of the French king Louis XIV’s story. It gives us a vividly detailed glimpse of the clandestine relations of the king, his brother and the lives of his very many mistresses. With an interesting electro soundtrack, this show makes for one of the most entertaining historical series of recent times.

5. Sense8

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
A bunch of strangers—an Indian scientist, a cop from Chicago, a Mexican film star, a Korean businesswoman, a DJ from Iceland, a German criminal, and a transgender from Nairobi—find their lives colliding in mysterious ways. Turns out, they can transfer their thoughts and skills to each other. As special individuals and as a group, they must survive. The show features Indian actors Purab Kohli and Tina Desai.

6. Dirk Gently

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Based on Douglas Adams’ books by the same name, the TV adaptation takes quite a few liberties, but that’s completely forgivable. If you love dark humour, a ridiculously whacked out storyline, bloodshed, mad characters and time travel, Dirk Gently is your perfect watch.
26-year-old freelance writer Karen Fernandes says, “My favourite aspect of the series is its characters. Each one is quirky, funny, flawed, poignant, smart, maddeningly absurd yet all round badass. I regretted watching all of season 1 in one night. Because there was no season 2 to devour!”
Season 2 is said to premiere in October this year.

7. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Genre: Adventure, Drama
Tim Burton fans must already be obsessing over this show starring Neil Patrick Harris and Joan Cusack. Flying lizards, opulent sets, overdose of serpents, the story of Lemony Snicket’s Baudelaire orphans comes alive beautifully in this dark yet funny Netflix series.

8. Love

Genre: Romance, Drama
What happens when a nerdy guy and a carefree chick start dating? Love stands out for its portrayal of an unusual pairing and their ups and downs. Caution: It’s not romantic or sappy. “It’s about two messed up individuals dealing with their own shit and finding peace and sanity when with one another. But they don’t really fall in love. In fact, you start hating the characters at some point or another,” says actor Aayushi Lahiri, 24. Season 2 is out on Netflix now, don’t miss.

9. Outlander

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
Based on the time-travel series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, the show follows a married nurse during World War II, who finds herself transported back to the Scotland of 1743, and she gets embroiled in the Jacobite risings. “I’m only three episodes down, and it’s gripping with perfect casting. The show keeps you at the edge of your seat; it has been so, so far at least,” says executive business developer Aanchal Sethi, 24.

10. Peaky Blinders

Genre: Crime Drama
Apart from The Sopranos, it’s not every day that a gangster crime show is made. It’s a rare genre, and Peaky Blinders got all the elements right: the haunting music, the stylized action and intense family dynamics. Peaky Blinders is centered on a gangster family in Birmingham, England in 1919, just after the First World War. “The show boasts of some great acting. A story line that is tinted with history makes it a good watch,” says advertising professional Sherwin Mascarenhas, 26.

Did your favourite show make it to the list? Tell us in the comments below.

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