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Where’s The Bass, Bro?



Where’s The Bass, Bro?

The best places to kick it to drum and bass around the country

Drum and bass arrived in India as a niche wave sometime in the 90s, when the likes of Tabla Beat Science played the first traces of what would become a full-fledged alternative bass movement.

Since then it has been a standard feature in every music festival worth its salt, including NH7 and Sunburn (and some shoddy car ads too!).

Festivals aside, what are the best venues in India to find the bass?

For a while Mumbai was buzzing with drum and bass across the city at alternating venues (remember Zenzi?).

Here’s the updated list for dnb fans across India:


Blue Frog (of course)

In 2008, Mumbai got its coolest, swankiest live music venue – Blue Frog.

It brought the gods of bass (and trance, and blues, and many more) right into town, easily accessible after a day’s hard work. We’re happy to see them still at it.

Blue Frog is also where Sohail Arora started out with music programming. He is now the founder of KRUNK, Bay Beat Collective and EZ Rizer, and doing more than his fair share to keep the bass going.


Bonobo isn’t as big as the other venues on this list, but its cosy space – split into a dancey indoors and boozy rooftop – sure gets sultry on a dnb night.

Local DJs and many visiting artists come and play their finest dubstep here.

Its dedication to bass (and price hikes) means it has regular patronage to pull off both.



Raasta, the supposedly Caribbean lounge in Hauz Khas Village, is up and grooving even on a regular weekday.

However, it comes closest to its Rastafarian claims on the StayLimn Night.

Usually on a Saturday, it’s when the drum n bass comes live. The venue also hosts KRUNK gigs often.


Humming Tree

If you’re in Bangalore, and a fan of music, from folk music to dnb, to Folkstep, this spot is a must-visit.

Church Street Social

Social is well known to Delhiwalas, Bombayites and Bangaloreans.

All their properties are impressive, but while Delhi Social focuses on EDM, it’s the Bangalore one that makes space for dnb.


Cafe Lilliput

Bass sounds even better when served in Goa, and for this luxury we could give some credit to Cafe Lilliput’s Bass Thali Night.

Not only the occasional night dedicated to all bassy genres, but also the occasional KRUNK gig that turns out to be just perfect for the beach. They are based – needless to say – in Anjuna. 

Image courtesy Blue Frog 



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