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Spotlight: In Conversation With Shannon & The Silent Riot



Spotlight: In Conversation With Shannon & The Silent Riot

Strumming with the up-and-coming rock band

Rock ’n roll comes alive with unbridled guitar riffs, as Shannon & The Silent Riot plays Bon Jovi’s Have A Nice Day. This was at a tribute night at Hard Rock Hyderabad back in 2013, a year after the band was formed.

It’s a five-piece act with Prasad Salian on lead vocals and Shannon Pereira on the lead guitar, with Leon Quadros on the bass, Joel Crasto on keys, and David D’Souza on the drums.

Their gigs are all about high-energy rock with shades of pop, jazz, and blues. They’ve played at venues across India — the most recent one being The Stables Mumbai — and are well on the road to fame.

indibeat caught up with the main man Shannon, who at the age of 18 signed up as the youngest exclusive artist for Gibson Guitar USA, and hasn’t looked back since.

IB: What’s your genre and signature style?

It’s a mixture of various influences ranging from pop, rock, blues, jazz, and rock ’n roll. Although we have similar music tastes, it’s our love for music and desire to perform which is the real driving force.

Personally, I consider Michael Jackson as the greatest artist that ever walked this planet — he was the entire package. Guitar god Steve Vai has greatly influenced my playing style too, and one of my career highlights was when I got the chance to jam on stage with him at Hard Rock Dubai in 2016.

We’re also big fans of Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Kings of Leon, Van Halen, Toto, Guns N’ Roses, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, AcDc, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater to name a few.

IB: Are you self-taught, or trained in music?

I come from a celebrated family of musicians. My great grandfather was a well-known musician. My grandfather, Bernard Pereira, was a renowned multi-instrumentalist and taught music at St Michael’s High School in Mumbai.

My dad Schubert is also a professional musician and a music teacher, and performs with the veteran band Crimson Rage. Although he did teach me the basics initially, I got so turned on by the instrument that I dug deeper.

I am still learning, evolving, and developing my skills and I don’t think that’ll ever stop.

IB: Do you think professional training is a must for musicians?

Some people are born with the talent and ability to play an instrument or sing — they are able to perform seamlessly and effortlessly. But there are others who need to work hard and put in the hours of practice. Of course, hard work, focus and dedication is key.

Each person has different goals. Not everyone might want to be a full-time professional musician. Having said that, professional training is great and it could only have advantages in the long run.

IB: What’s your take on the independent music scene in India?

The scene is better than it used to be. There are more opportunities, platforms and venues now than before.

Of course, the internet and social media is the backbone for promotion and putting your work out to the listening public.

However, I wish there were more live venues in the country that promote talent and original independent music.

IB: Where do you usually perform, and where have you enjoyed playing the most?

We’ve played at various clubs and a couple of corporate gigs in Mumbai and in other cities as well.

Each venue has a different vibe and energy. I’ve personally loved performing at The Stables, Mumbai, and The High Spirits in Pune.

IB: Your favourite jam rooms in Mumbai?

R and B jam room in Andheri, Pickle in Malad, and Caleb’s in Khar.

IB: What’s next for Shannon & The Silent Riot?

I am currently working on my album. It’ll be out in June or July, followed by a tour.

Image Credit: Shannon Pereira



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