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Spotlight: In Conversation with SkyHarbor

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Spotlight: In Conversation with SkyHarbor

Keshav Dhar, guitarist of indie rock band, SkyHarbor talks to us about the evolution of the band’s sound and more.

Six years back, Indian-origin band SkyHarbor ventured into the Indian music scene as guitarist Keshav Dhar’s studio project. Over the years, it went on to become a prominent alternative/progressive rock band in the indie music scene. As the group embarks on a multi-city tour, Dhar talks to us about the evolution of the band’s sound and more.

From being a studio project to touring across country, how do you see the journey of Skyharbor?

It’s been surreal. I think the important thing was to never at any point have any sort of expectations from this project beyond just making music that we’re proud of. Our one and only priority has always been the music, and we’ve treated everything else that comes as a bonus, but at the same time we’re very aware of the amount of hard work that needs to go in on a continuous basis for the growth to be steady. We’ve had some great opportunities come our way in our career so far, and we’re still only just getting started really, there is so much further to go yet.

What according to you kept the band going?

I would say unquestionably the love for the music. We love to play live and perform our music to people, but logistically, getting us together to tour is such a nightmare and hassle, that we would probably have stopped doing it long ago if it weren’t for the fact that we all love the music way too much to stop.

Has the sound of the band changed over the years?

It has evolved, as anything does. We’re a band that likes to harness a very emotional energy in our music. As a result, once we’re done writing a record, we’ve invested so much of ourselves into the broad emotional colour of the album that we feel like we’ve said everything that we had to say with that sound, at least at that point in time. So, in order for us to keep things fresh, we feel the need to reinvent ourselves a little bit with each record and explore a direction we haven’t previously. It’s just what feels right to us though. We never force or consciously decide these things.   

Are there any new collaborations or studio albums in the pipeline?

We do have a few select friends who will be featuring on the new album in very interesting and special ways, but we’d rather keep that secret for now 🙂 The album should be out in the first half of 2017 for sure.

You guys have performed at international festivals. How does that exposure help?

It really helps put a lot of things into perspective on how the live music business works. In terms of exposure, it’s been great of course – festivals are the best way to make completely random new fans, because there’s so much crossover audience with all the wildly different lineups.

What are you expecting from the multi-city India tour?

We’re hoping our fans have a great time and enjoy themselves! We’ve really stepped up the production value for our live shows with this tour, and we’ll be playing a lot of new and old material, so there’s something for everyone.

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