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Let’s Fix You: How To Deal With Coldplay #FOMO

Coldplay -
Coldplay -


Let’s Fix You: How To Deal With Coldplay #FOMO

No tickets to the gig and feeling poor and left-out? We tell you how to kick start a Coldplay-themed house party with just the right selection of songs.

So, millennials in Mumbai and across the country are hyperventilating and with reason much. Coldplay is set to perform with a massive bandwagon of other artists in the city this weekend. I know a bunch of friends coming down from Delhi and Kolkata to attend the concert. Another friend has pledged to sob her heart out when Chris Martin performs ‘Fix you’.

And as for the rest of us, the lesser-fortunate, the broke, the sensible, the deadline-bound, what are your plans this Saturday? Will you be going off social media and drowning your sorrows in a pint or eight?

We suggest that you give the heartbreak party a Coldplay spin instead. Get together a few others who are undergoing #fomo and throw a house party with silly Coldplay references. These may include:

  • Putting up ‘Yellow’ fairy lights
  • Hire some ‘Paradise’ Elephant costumes 
  • Make sure there are too many ‘Clocks’ on the walls.
  • The best speakers money can buy / friends can spare

The good thing is that you can enjoy over 4-5 hours of uninterrupted Coldplay (as opposed to the 90 mins promised to their live audience). So, there’s plenty of ways to experiment with the playlist. Perhaps, unearth some of the most underrated Coldplay tracks, too? After all, it’s a music appreciation party. Check if you have these 10. 

‘Til Kingdom Come

The song was initially written for Johnny Cash, and was slated to be performed by the artist and Coldplay together. However, Cash breathed his last before the first performance. In fact, on the album, X & Y, the track is kept a secret and simply marked with a ‘plus’ symbol.

Cemeteries of London

Away from the rosy, free-flowing ballads, Coldplay goes back in time and gives us a glimpse into the witch drownings of London in the 19th century. You cannot miss the brilliant Spanish flamenco style of guitar throughout the song.

Princess of China

This power ballad features Rihanna, and is one of the rare examples of the band collaborating with other solo artistes. In fact, the hip-hop instrumentation on the track almost convinces one that it is not a Coldplay track. Probably why it is left out of most quintessential Coldplay lists?!

The Goldrush

No, there’s no soul-searching, no letting go or caving in, in this particular Coldplay track, released alongside the single Life In Technicolour ii, as well as in Prospekt’s March. It stands out from the milling crowd of their lovelorn lyrics; almost sounds like the band was jamming around and ended up recording a song. Overlooked or forgotten by many, it features lead vocals by drummer Will Champion. 

Charlie Brown

Do not confuse this with the 50s hit by the same name or the Peanuts character. The song has no connection to either, whatsoever. Chris Martin claims to have written the song on his way back from a Bruce Springsteen concert. The peppy track sadly seldom ever features on Coldplay playlists.

Lovers in Japan 

Chris Martin taps into the romantic side of quirky Japan, and brings a love ballad from Tokyo and Osaka. This blink-and-miss track is one of the hidden gems in Viva La Vida (2008), and we highly recommend multiple listens.


Yet another lesser-known gem, Amsterdam is armed with a powerful piano solo by Chris Martin, and some super melancholic lyrics. It was featured on the band’s second studio album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, which, if you think about it was released a long long time ago. Time for some rediscovery! 

Twisted Logic

It’s been almost a decade since the song released on their album, X & Y, yet the track remains an underrated favourite. Powerful lyrics and Johnny Buckland’s out-of-the-world guitar skills make this an unforgettable Coldplay number. Alas! Amidst their newer hits, Twisted Logic seems to have disappeared somewhere. Bring it back!

Warning Sign

We are living in an age of commitment phobia, and no other song by Coldplay sums up that feeling so well. Martin writes about a young lover, who is trying to find excuses to leave his lover. However, like most love stories, there is a happy ending. The power ballad is quite an anthem for our generation.


Since most of us are used to buying albums, we tend to overlook the singles. But if you have watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, you cannot miss the Chris Martin track in the film, titled Atlas. It’s a delightful combination if you happen to be a fan of the Hollywood franchise or the book title.

What are some of your favorite offbeat Coldplay songs? Send us a playlist too!




Arundhati Chatterjee is a part-time writer, full-time dreamer. Hoards fountain pens, listens to The Beatles, eats multiple meals and yawns too often. Follow her @TheBongBox

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