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Why My Heart Beats For Music

world music day


Why My Heart Beats For Music

On World Music Day today, millennials express their undying love for music

Whether you’re a music lover or not, music is one thing that is part of our lives. Behind every favourite song there’s an untold story–music does wonders where words fail to express. This World Music Day (June 21), IndiBeat speaks to millennials, who express their undying love for music.

1. There’s a song for every mood and emotion

Music is a medium that lets you feel whatever you want to feel. It can make you go through a plethora of emotions, making it a perfect tool for the healing of the soul. Software engineer Lubna Shaikh agrees, “Music has always been there for me. Whether I have been feeling happy, low, angry, envious, rebellious, inspired, etc, there’s always been that perfect song I have heard to either let myself continue to feel that way, or feel something else entirely. That’s the power of music: just as easily as it can make you feel what you are feeling on a deeper level, it can also make you feel something you want or need to feel. It is truly therapeutic, a beautiful gift without which life would be incomplete.”

2. Music comforts you by letting you know you are not alone

It is important for us to be able to share our life events with the people around us. But sometimes, for whatever reason, we cannot talk about each and every thing that’s going on. That’s when music comes to the rescue; dentist Humerah Inamdar says, “Music is a great way to deal with all the highs and lows of life. Had a great day but don’t want to brag about it? A peppy pop song or two is exactly what you need to celebrate! Conversely, when you are feeling low but can’t talk about it, a sad song narrating a similar situation is the perfect companion.”

3. It is the perfect art!

Logistics executive Rahul Yadav can’t imagine life without music. He says, “What would life be without music? The world would be a very quiet place. Music is in many ways the fabric of our lives and the definition of society. It is a reminder of how things once were, an indication of how things are, and a view of where society is headed. Music is a direct reflection of the picture of society. It can be a way to deliver messages, a poetic medium, a fine art, or nothing more than a source of entertainment. No matter what it is used for, music is the perfect art and our lives would be that much less complete without it. All musical works have a beginning and an end. However, music does not restrict the audience in the way that movies or graphic art does.” (via quora)

4. It is the ultimate stress-buster

There has been plenty of research to support the fact that music is one of the most effective ways to beat stress. Plus, it is easy to fit into our daily schedule and is both cheap and fun. HR Professional Priti Gholap agrees, “Time and again, music–particularly acoustic music– has calmed me whenever I am stressed. It is truly a powerful way to relax for people of all ages. There’s so many different kinds of music out there, you are sure to find something that speaks to you. It is one of the few things that unites people across borders. With all the violence and cruelty out there in the world, we need music now more than ever.”

5. Like it or not, it’s all around you

Music has been around as long as we have. In fact, it is both in and around us. From the chirping of birds and the ringing of bells to our voice and percussion, it is nearly everywhere.

Even though music is awesome, there are some people who just don’t care for it. And even though I don’t know how that is possible, it is perfectly okay: everybody is entitled to their choice and opinion. However, student Adi Pramana makes a very interesting point. He says that hearing music isn’t really a choice. “I wouldn’t be able to live without hearing any music–that would be impossible. I wouldn’t be able to play games, watch movies, go to bars or clubs without hearing any music. If I can do these things without hearing the music, then that would be very compromising to the experience.”(via quora)

As for me, I love music from the bottom of my heart. I simply cannot imagine a happy life without it! Pop, rock, EDM, blues, hip-hop, rap, R&B, and country, are some genres that make me me. With so many types of music around the world, there’s certainly something for everyone! Music adds that much needed pizzazz to the dull routine of everyday life. In fact, I often wish that just like the movies, we had a soundtrack in real life as well. Can  you imagine how awesome that would be?

To me, music is as much a part of life as breathing. Do you love music? What’s your favourite song? Tell me in the comments below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar





Mahevash Shaikh is the twenty-something author of Busting Clichés. She loves to write, draw and laugh (among other things). You can find her using words and pictures to express herself and redefine the word "normal" at

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