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8 Indian Electronica Artistes You Gotta Check Out



8 Indian Electronica Artistes You Gotta Check Out

These homegrown Indian musicians are blazing the EDM scene with their talent and original sound.

Even though loads of int’l electronic stars have performed to roaring masses in India, the EDM scene here also has its share of talented home-grown artistes who continue to push the creative envelope.

Artistes like B.R.E.E.D (who performed at Coachella in California this year) and Dualist Inquiry have already made their mark globally.

Here are eight more Indian electronica artistes that we recommend you definitely check out:


Jai Vaswani, who goes by the moniker Nanok, is a rising star on the Indian electronic music landscape.

This much sought-after DJ/producer from Mumbai makes dance-floor friendly tracks infused with disco and funk, as evident on his recent EP, Fever, released late 2014.

Check out this refreshingly original video of his song, Fever.


Mumbai duo Imaad Shah and Saba Azad, the folks behind Madboy / Mink make music that flows with a smattering of everything from disco, funk, cabaret to electronica. The end result is hip nu-disco.

Check out the cool track, Taste Your Kiss, to coax out all those latent dance instincts.


Mumbai is also home to Sandunes, the electronic music project of Sanaya Ardeshir, a 20-something keyboardist/pianist whose songs have gained a following for their crisp edits and seamless fusion of jazz, south Asian music, and London’s underground dance vibe.

Here’s her slick video track, Slybounce, featuring Nicholson.

Big City Harmonics

Rohan Hastak from Pune is the man behind Big City Harmonics; he blends cool melodies and downtempo beats that essentially translate into chillstep.

Sample this track as a sneak peek: Fill Your Dragon.

Curtain Blue

Abhishek Bhatia fronted The Circus, an alt-rock band from Delhi till sometime in 2013, before he launched his solo electronic music project Curtain Blue.

Check out the haunting melodies and an affinity for deep bass lines on his EP, Drones. A solid, confident, new sound, we say.

When Pandas Attack

If downtempo is your thing, you might want to check out Delhi’s own Ankur Chauhan, aka When Pandas Attack.

An up-and-coming producer, Chauhan fuses dreamy pop with experimental electronica to create an essentially chill sonic ambience.

To get started, check out the track Good Night To Bite


Perhaps the biggest star on this list, Delhi-based Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya is the man who made south Indian dubstep a thing.

Koocha Monster, his 2013 EP, offered an explosive mix of street music with bass-heavy dubstep and had festival audiences going apeshit through his sets.

Listen to this unique track, Tamil Fever, with singer Benny Dayal. That’s some manic music to dance to.


This Bangalore-based electronic act fronted by Karthik Basker is as breezy as it is fun.

Hat firmly tipped to rock, songs by Klypp offer up a laidback vibe, with haunting vocals.

Here’s a personal favorite: The song, Be, from the 2014 EP, Manifest.
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