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These 8 Bands Are Rocking Bangalore’s Music Scene

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These 8 Bands Are Rocking Bangalore’s Music Scene

Our favourite Bengaluru bands and where you can find them playing

With a bevy of musicians performing around town, and more and more young talent pouring it, it’d be safe to say that Bangalore has become the music capital of the nation.

Rock, pop, jazz, blues, there’s something for everyone here, and you might find it hard to pick a band that encapsulates your predilection towards a certain genre.

So here’s a roundup of our favourite bands, and where you can usually find them tuning their guitars for showtime.

1. Perfect Strangers

This versatile band has been churning out rock, jazz, and pop rock tunes since 2013. They dabble in covers and originals, so you’re sure to get the best of both worlds.

They derive inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Deep Purple and several legendary rock gods. You can find them playing at Blue Frog or Humming Tree.

2. Peepal Tree

Having worked with some of the greatest bands in the nation, these band mates vaunt years of experience under their belt. Peepal Tree’s music can be best discerned as Indian melodies sitting on funk grooves with overtones of electronica, and sung in Indian languages.

They usually hang their guitars at BFlat bar.

3. The Chronic Blues Circus

The foremost blues band in town, The Chronic Blues Circus has been in the music circuit for over 25 years.

Their music is comprised of sounds from legendary blues artists Stevie Wonder, Maggie Bell, Allman Brothers and Bob Dylan. If you want to catch the blues, head over to Humming Tree, Blue Frog or Take 5.

4. Pineapple Express

Ascend to a realm of groovy music and jiving tunes with the Pineapple Express.

The progressive rock band has dazed the throng of Bangalore for years. Their music has a touch of Indian classical, djent and synth, and they usually practice their trade at BFlat or Hard Rock Cafe.

5. Clown With A Frown

The name might lead some to believe the band  to be quite maudlin, however, don’t be deceived. Clown With A Frown hoards a great pop/funk vibe that makes you jive like it’s the 70’s.

Witness them cast a retro spell at Hard Rock Cafe. Keep a keen eye on their website to be apprised about their next gig in town.

6. One Girl Shy

One Girl Shy has been around for merely two years but they’ve managed to amass quite the fan following.

The guitarist and the vocalist, previously part of the band Solder,  started recruiting members for alternative folk rock genre.

The folksy rock sound is a combination of elaborate vocals and complex drum patterns. They’re known to be purists, who prefer originals over covers.

7. The Raghu Dixit Project

Vaunted as India’s prominent Indie band, The Raghu Dixit Project does folksy music that transcends expectations.

Raghu Dixit sticks true to his roots, combining Indian musical traditions with global sound. His work can be best described as contemporary folk music. They play at venues across India and at music festivals too.

8. Split Fingers

The band best described as the dark horse in the music scene, Split Fingers performs exclusively at Sofar Sounds Bangalore.

An evening with these guys is a mesmerising tune fest. Their music is rooted in the realm of blues, jazz, funk and reggae. They will soon be bringing their act to various pubs in Bangalore – you can catch their gig at Humming Tree, BFlat and Take 5.

Image Credit: Perfect StrangersChronic Blues Circus



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