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7 Indian Independent Artists For Every Mood



7 Indian Independent Artists For Every Mood

The Indian independent scene’s got some dope tunes to check out

The right music can take a particular mood and turn a bad day around. And for those days you just want to indulge whatever you’re feeling — happy, melancholic, or full-blown rebellious — you should turn to these bands. With fresh, new sounds, these independent artists are killing the game.

1. Easy Wanderlings for a pensive mood

Five people, lots of stories to tell, and a variety of musical styles (although primarily indie pop); the Easy Wanderlings are the perfect band to put on when you’re looking for easy listening.

Their vibe is mellow, but they use words and a multitude of instruments in layers to tell beautiful stories. Like a warm hug for a tired soul.

Listen to their music here.

2. Zokova for when you’re feeling everything

Three-piece experimental rock band Zokova uses word poems and instrumental numbers to address all those emotions that are brushed under the rug; seemingly unimportant.

For times when you’re really feeling everything, and a little raw, their tunes will soothe you; a friend who knows just how you feel. We’d reserve this one especially for a (literal and figurative) rainy day.

Listen to them here.

3. The F16s for getting down, out and about

If you ask us, the F16s get better every single time you listen to them. With lead man Josh Fernandez’s vocals sliding over a bed of tight, varied punk and indie melodies and beats like warm butter, you’ll want to get moving as soon as you hit play.

Whether it’s your pick for a party playlist, or your soundtrack for a run – it’ll work, trust us.

Listen to them here.

4. Parekh & Singh for the butterflies

Their claim to fame is their hit I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll; rightly so because it hits all the bliss points: a well-thought of melody, clean-cut vocals and Wes Anderson style imagery.

In general though, the duo’s pop music is perfect for when you’re first falling in love. Perhaps not so much for the lyrics, but the nature of the melodies. You’ll find yourself floating right on top.

Listen to them here.

5. Ditty for heartbreak

Aditi Veena, aka Ditty is a one-woman act, both powerful and moving. Her magical voice, set against stripped-down acoustic tunes (with poetry thrown in occasionally), is what you need to heal your heart.

Although her music is best consumed live, plug in your headphones on a particularly raw day and sink in.

Listen to her music here.

6. The Ska Vengers for the angry, unapologetic days

Some days you’re mad – at someone, something, or just at the general state of the world – and you need music that fits the rage.

Turn up The Ska Vengers — their brand of Jamaican-style tunes, mixed with jazz and blues riffs is heated, unabashed and complex in the best way possible. Live your truth, like they do.

Listen to them here.

7. Big City Harmonics for lounging

Littered with samples, Big City Harmonics (run by DJ and musician Rohan Hastak) has a sound that builds piece by piece, but maintains its undercurrent of tranquility. Great for putting on while you work, relax or unwind after a long day.

Listen to his music here.

Who’s currently on your playlist? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credit: The F16s




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