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Get Set Dress: The Lowdown On Comic Con 2017

comic con


Get Set Dress: The Lowdown On Comic Con 2017

How to make the most of India’s largest comic convention

The world of fantasy is often a private one. Literature, visual art, music or film, whichever medium you choose to indulge this wild and dreamy side, it tends to be a solo pursuit.

Except once a year, when five cities come alive with a congregation where the silly can transform itself into the cool, and the serious can try and play the silly, clad in spandex and safe behind a mask. That’s Comic Con for you, and after some wobbly initial years it now seems to have found a solid fan base to groove on.

It is a comic convention featuring a wide range of pop culture events and experiences that attract some rather funkily dressed folks, who come together to create a fantastical space as they move around.

Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune conventions have already taken place with roaring success, but December still promises Bangalore, which has a substantial following, and Delhi, where the first Indian Comic Con took place six years ago.

Read on to know why you might want to be there.

The Collectibles

There are people who save year round just to splurge on the kickass merchandise brought under one roof, and not pulled from different directions with Amazon orders — DC, Marvel and Manga Planet authentic collectibles including toys, action figures, comics, assorted accessories, wearables and of course plenty games.

The Contest

C for Cosplay, which is the essence of this event because it really does reveal some gems once in a while. C for Crowds that dress to impress. And C for the Comic Con Cosplay Contest where the best dressed – in several categories that respect the differences between Spiderman and vampires – takes away another C – cash prizes.

The Stars

Oh and there will be comic book guests of honour — illustrators and authors associated with some of the best comic world names, from Tinkle and Archie Comics to StarTrek and Fantastic Four.

Some of them, such as Sailesh Gopalan of Brown Paperbag, might even make you a caricature. The Bengaluru Comic Con is also being graced by Tabitha Lyons, an international Pro-Cosplayer set to charm us as Wonder Woman.

The Comics

There will be some comical comics too. The guests performing standup comedy at Comic Con Delhi are yet to be announced, but in Bengaluru you can laugh away with Sahil Shah and Naveen Richard.

The Coolness

The Mountain Dew Gaming Truck I say is pretty neat. Play video games in a gaming rig within a truck turned very trippy. There’s also a 360 VR Dome where even those who wouldn’t be caught dead with a comic book would want to get carried away with the experience.

The Details

A Single Day Pass is priced at Rs 499.

Comic Con Bengaluru: December 2-3, 2017 | KTPO Trade & Convention Centre | 11 am – 8 pm.

Comic Con Delhi: December 15-17, 2017 | NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla | 11 am – 8 pm.

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