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Weekenders: Have You Caught These 2016 Releases Yet?

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Weekenders: Have You Caught These 2016 Releases Yet?

Take a break from the glossy universes of Marvel and DC and check out these unassuming films from 2016.

Inferno, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and most recently, Dr. Strange, I’m pretty sure you caught these movies on the very weekend they were out. However, it’s quite unfortunate that not every Hollywood film makes it to the theatre near us. In fact, some of the best-written Hollywood movies are rarely as publicized as the big-budget blockbusters, especially in India, and are often missed out until the Academy showers nominations on them. So, we decided to go deeper and list out some thoughtful and thought-provoking releases from 2016. Happy movie marathon, guys!


“I don’t exist anymore. I have been edited.” I think the film had me at this very line. Based on true events in the 30s and the 40s, the movie follows Max Perkins’s stint as an editor. He was responsible for bringing Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works to the fore. Also, watch it for Jude Law’s extremely restrained yet powerful performance as a young struggling writer.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep gets into the shoes of a New York heiress who aspires to be an opera singer. There’s only one thing stopping her from living her dream – she has an excruciatingly unbearable voice. The film is a gamut of emotions, and will make you laugh and cry all at once. Besides, if you’ve been nursing a crush on Hugh Grant since Notting Hill, this film will be more than a treat for you. 

Secret Life Of Pets

After you are done watching Deadpool and Suicide Squad, perhaps settle down on your couch with a massive tub of popcorn to enjoy a hearty laugh. From the makers of The Minions and Despicable Me, this frothy treat of a film is sure to make you smile ear to ear. In the film, we get a glimpse of the lives our pets lead once we leave them every morning to head to our workplaces. You will never look at your cuddly cat the same way again, after watching the movie, trust me!

The Accountant

Still conflicted about Ben Affleck playing Batman? Give it a rest and watch him dominate the screen in this action thriller, which goes beyond the realms of the genre. Affleck aces his game as he plays an autistic math genius character who is also a hit man. The film also stars the immensely watchable Anna Kendrick. If there’s one thriller to catch this year, it certainly is this one.

Deepwater Horizon

There’s something intriguing about films based on true events. More so, if they are well-made and well-researched. Deepwater Horizon starring Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell is one such engrossing recipe for success. Recounting the horrifying US oil spill of April 2010, where an offshore rig exploded, the movie scores high on the emotional quotient too. Besides giving the gory visuals, it moves you to see the dilemma of the crew. We are sure expecting a few Academy nominations in February for this genius.

Which are some of your lesser-known favourites from the year? Let us know in the comments. 




Arundhati Chatterjee is a part-time writer, full-time dreamer. Hoards fountain pens, listens to The Beatles, eats multiple meals and yawns too often. Follow her @TheBongBox

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