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10 Classic Hindi Movies You Simply Cannot Miss



10 Classic Hindi Movies You Simply Cannot Miss

All-time favourite Hindi films every millennial must watch

Some movies are pure gold and never wear out with time. What makes them special, you ask? Memorable dialogues, gripping storylines and of course, music that mesmerises. These cinematic classics are irreplaceable, which is why they are watched by the younger lot even today.

Here’s a list of our all-time favourite Hindi films every millennial must watch.

1. Mother India

Nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in 1958, Mother India (1957) is a pure classic in terms of the story, direction and performance. A strong lady of valour fights the odds of poverty and nature’s lashes while keeping her morality and strength intact. A simple story with a powerful telling, Mother India is indeed a must-watch.

2. Awaara

A 1951 Raj Kapoor classic, Awaara is a twisted tale showcasing the dark side of the epic Ramayana and the bitter truths of the society in a single feature film. A lady lawyer fights to bring justice to her lover who is accused of an attempt to murder a judge, who apparently turns out to be the accused’s father. Watch to find out what happens next!

3. Guide

This is a heartfelt story of a tour guide, who falls in love with a married woman and helps her rediscover her lost dreams (1965). Sukanya Gaur, a 23 year old newly-wed homemaker and a meditation practitioner in Vashisht, Manali, says, “We are a generation which is slowly progressing towards spiritualism from materialism. A concept so relevant today was captured so deeply in Guide in the 60s, it is eye-opening.”

4. Sholay

This list is incomplete without the mention of Sholay (1975). Every single dialogue in the film is a cult classic today and if you’re not sure why, you absolutely must watch this Salim-Javed masterpiece. “My mom was watching this movie on the TV one day and I sat beside her out of curiosity to know what kept her glued to the screen. We ended up skipping lunch that day ’cause the movie had no interval. That was the first time, out of the thirteen others, that i watched Sholay”, says Gaurav Sharma, final year B.Com student at Himachal Pradesh University.

5. Dosti

Dosti (1964) shows the camaraderie between a lonely blind boy and a crippled street singer. This one is my personal favourites. The storyline is so different from the ones that are written today that the simple plot gets you hooked up to the movie. The moral background with the theme of ‘friendship above all’ is of course a plus.

6. Gol Maal

This one’s just hilarious! I know you’ve seen it and laughed your brains out just like I did but if you haven’t, please get hold of this Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic. The incomparable chemistry between the characters of Amol Parekar and Utpal Dutt steals the show in Gol Maal (1979).

7. Hare Rama Hare Krishna

“I thought the movie was called Dum Maro Dum”, said Ashish Gupta, psychology intern based in Chandigarh. We don’t blame him; after all, this iconic song defines the 1971 Dev Anand film, with Zeenat Aman looking absolutely stunning and giving us a glimpse of the Hippie culture back then! Apart from its music, Hare Rama Hare Krishna is backed by a strong script and great performances, a must-watch.

8. Waqt

A family gets scattered after an earthquake jolts the joys of their lives. Waqt (1965) is a family drama and a classic when it comes to its relevance in the modern era. Watch how the family finds its roots through broken dreams and faded memories in this Yash Chopra marvel.

9. Padosan

“As much as I fell in love with the beauty of Saira Banu, the humorous trio of Sunil Dutt, Mehmood and Kishore Kumar has me in splits every time I watch this movie. This was a hostel classic for us in college,” reveals Hussain Siddique, an SSC aspirant, when asked about Padosan (1968). It’s one of the best light-hearted romcoms of the 60s with the funny song, Ek Chatur Naar; do not miss!

10. Pyaasa

Ranked atop the greatest romantic films of all time by the likes of Time Magazine, Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa (1951) is a classic challenging the social norms since 66 years. The story of a poet longing for recognition and his accidental yet fortunate encounter with a prostitute forms the foundation of a very prolific story.

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