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Delhi’s Top Performance Spaces For Those Who Love Drama



Delhi’s Top Performance Spaces For Those Who Love Drama

Here’s a list of the capital’s top live art venues and upcoming acts.

In an age where everything is going digital, live performances tend to lose audience because people don’t seem to find the time, interest or money to spare for one. In Delhi, however, folks still love their theaters and concerts, which largely explains its reputation as an excellent cultural stronghold. Whether it’s music, dance, literature or theater, if you are looking forward to a live performance, Delhi has something to offer throughout the year.

Here’s a list of some of its most celebrated live performance venues in case you’re in the city this week:

National School of Drama

Set up in 1959 and funded by the Government of India, NSD is one of the most prestigious theater-training institutes in the country. Its alumni comprises actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Raghubir Yadav and Irrfan Khan to name a few.

From time to time, the students of NSD perform plays not just to showcase their talent but also address social issues, by giving a modern twist to the classics like Abhigyana Shakuntalam.

Nearest Metro Station: Mandi House Metro Station
Highlights: Every year NSD organizes the Bharat Rang Mahotsav during May and June which sees participation from some of the most renowned theater groups across the country.

Kamani Auditorium

Set up by the Bhartiya Kala Kendra Trust, the Kamani Auditorium hosts several high-profile national as well as international dance, musical, and theater activities, thanks to its splendid sound and light arrangements as well as the 632-seater auditorium.  

Nearest Metro Station: Mandi House.
Upcoming Events: A unique ‘unheard’ version of the Ramayana will be performed from 1st – 9th October in a play titled Raavan ki Ramayan at the Auditorium in the coming week. Book here

Amphitheatre, Garden of Five Senses

As suggested by its name, this place was built to take one away, from the fast-paced city life into the peaceful womb of nature. Built with the objective of invigorating the five senses, the garden harbors a variety of flora in the backdrop of a hilly terrain.

Apart from the solar park, water lily pool, wind chimes, and special gardens, it also features an amphitheater to take care of your entertainment. This is a unique natural site where performances are held regularly by budding musicians. It also has an open ground that is used for exhibitions and art workshops from time to time.  

Nearest Metro Station: Saket

India Habitat Centre   

IHC was built with the aim of bringing together individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat-related areas. However, over the years, this place has become a cultural and intellectual hub for all sort of dance, theatrical, musical, literary and artistic activities. It also organizes various talks, fests, exhibitions and performances addressing contemporary interests and issues.

Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh
Upcoming Events: Old World Theatre Festival 2016 from 8th – 16th October; Film Club Screening at The Stein Auditorium; Swaranjali, a tribute to Hindustani Classical Vocal Gurus on 3rd October at Amaltas.

Shri Ram Centre

The Shri Ram Centre Auditorium was inaugurated in 1960, with the aim of producing quality Hindi theater by collaborating with well-known playwrights. Apart from hosting performances on almost a daily basis, the centre also offers various courses and conducts acting workshop.   

Nearest Metro Station: Mandi House
Upcoming Events: Jis Lahore Nhi Dekhya O Jamiya, a drama about the 1947 partition on Sunday 2nd October. Book your tickets here.

Image: Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2016, NSD




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