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5 Indian Comics Who Are Killing It



5 Indian Comics Who Are Killing It

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the King/Queen of rotfl?

Before we begin this article, let’s take a moment to remember the gods (of entertainment).

Let’s thank them for saving us from the onslaught of televised dramas promoting ghoonghats in the age of flavoured condoms to having to choose between such extremes as a Carnatic vocal recital, a geriatric fusion band and yet another beefcake-starring Bollywood release.

We should also be grateful to them for swooping in at the last minute and saving our souls with the one emotion that was missing all throughout – Laughter!! (babaji ka thullu notwithstanding).

Stand-up comedy has arrived as possibly the single most refreshing change in the Indian entertainment scene in decades.

And here, we’d like to thank the wonderful jokesters who have made night-outs fun and full of surprises again.

Move over Russell, we’ve got our scene brewing tickling hot!

Kaneez Surka

Kaneez is the queen bee of Mumbai’s comedy scene. After years of guffawing at her weather reports on ‘The Week That Wasn’t’, we are happy to come out in the open and support her ridiculous take on Hindi language in public. Watch her play the lovely agony aunt on Mujhe Ask Karo.

Zakir Khan

Zakir is actually from Indore – a fact that you get to know via his shows, thanks to his hilarious small-town jokes. But his heart is in Delhi. As are his followers. This talented young man (a sitarist and a radio producer amongst other things) understands the pulse of the capital. He has been awarded the Best Stand-Up Comedian Award by Comedy Central in the past, and you will see why, here.

Kenneth Sebastian

Kenny belongs to the awesomely funny group of Bangalorean comedians including Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath and Sandeep Rao. He has all these little gimmicks up his sleeve that we cannot resist, such as playing whiny riffs on the guitar and improvising songs on the spot that make Christ Martin look like a cheesy rip-off. Intrigued? Follow his musings here.

Aakash Mehta

Aakash comes from a musical background (a lot of musicians making us laugh, isn’t it?), and can be seen bringing his ukulele to stage every now and then. From kitty parties to the Comedy Store, this boy has come a long way with his Mumbai-flavoured jokes. Besides Live comedy and having an online channel of his own, who we’re hoping will be contributing to indibeat!

Vikramjeet Singh

Vikram is a Delhi-based ex-advertising professional who started out as an engineer and ended up on stage finally explaining to us, once and for all, why Sukhbir sang his sad song ‘Ishq tera tadpave’ with such legendary energy. Unravel the mysteries of Punjabis with him here.



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