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8 Nostalgic Comics For Every 90s Kid



8 Nostalgic Comics For Every 90s Kid

Take a walk down the comic lane!

When we look back at the simpler times, memories of the 90s come running towards us. That era is quite hyped even today, and for good reason. For most of us millennials who were kids in the 90s, there’s so much fun and nostalgia to go back to. One such thing is comic books. Since there were no iPads or smartphones then, comic books and graphic novels were truly our best friends! Did you hide a comic between your school textbook and read it secretly?

We surely miss those days and if you do too, let’s revisit some of our favourite comics from the 90s:

1. Archie Comics

Archie was definitely a dream comic for pre-teens with its humour and flirtatious touch. The protagonist, Archie, was a romantic hero for every young girl especially. The way he used to woo Betty and Veronica, well, let’s just say only Shah Rukh Khan from DDLJ could beat that!

2. Tinkle

Shrey Vashisht, a freelance graphic designer from Chandigarh was a die-hard fan of Tinkle. He says, “Reading Tinkle felt like I am living it. Supandi was like a buddy back then. I was a nerd actually; didn’t have many friends. Supandi made up for it.” And that held true for many of us, right? When we were too shy to make new friends, we’d find great company in comic books!

3. Chacha Chaudhary

Chacha Chaudhary ka dimag computer se bhi tez chalta hai’, of course you remember that line! Way before the Tv show centred around Chacha Chaudhary aired, Pran Kumar’s comic series entertained us kids. Who can forget Chacha’s adventures with his giant alien buddy, Sabu? Not only the 90s kids but the ones growing up in the 70s and 80s could also resonate with the nostalgia attached to this comic.

4. Phantom

The purple masked superhero was no less than the other heroes of DC comics for us. And the kids of today might never know the charm associated with Phantom unless they give up their high-tech gadgets and grab an old copy of this book!

5. Panchatantra

Inspired by ancient Indian folklore, Panchatantra was so much fun to read with its short stories based on animals. The fables were not just entertaining but also taught us a lot with simple yet powerful moral lessons.

6. Champak

You remember enjoying the stories and the activity columns of Champak, right? Re-telling the jokes read in Champak made us cool in school back then. The short stories and comic strips made our day! Solving puzzles and brain teasers re-assured us that we were smart enough. Not surprisingly though, Champak is now available as a phone app for Gen-Y kids.

7. Akbar Birbal

As kids, Sherlock Holmes was a strange name, and we are talking about the time when we were 4 to 8 years old. All we knew was the intelligence of Birbal which made him capable of solving the most twisted mysteries in a snap.

8. Nagraj

Nagraj was truly the Indian Hulk. Deepak Awasthi, owner of a handicraft store called Swadesi in Manali, recalls his childhood memories of reading comics, “We didn’t have a Tv at home. We used to play all day and go early to bed. Me and Tenzin (Deepak’s step-brother) used to put on the torch under the quilt and read Nagraj. What memories!”

Sure enough, nothing comes close to the charm of a classic comic book. Go on, search your newsstands and neighbourhood library to find a copy. Did we miss your favourite comic? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credit: Comicvine, Mid-day, PyareToons




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