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What’s With The F-Word, Kangana?



What’s With The F-Word, Kangana?

Our love for Kangana is as selective as her feminism is

Kangana Ranaut is without a doubt one of the most powerful actresses in Bollywood today. For someone who remains so low-key about her personal life, she’s always managed to grab attention either for her stellar on-screen performances or her blunt tell-it-like-it-is attitude. But of late, she seems to be in news for all the wrong reasons.

Kangana: The Achiever

There was a time when everything–from her unconventional looks to her accent, her relationships to her broken English–was made fun of. She worked extremely hard and hit back, shutting the mouths of naysayers with her acting prowess. She went on to receive three National Awards for Fashion, Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns. It was inspiring to see her make good use of her reach and popularity by making some socially responsible decisions. And she did it with sass.

Kangana embraced feminism at a time when most actresses didn’t even know what it was and refused to be associated with ‘item numbers’ that objectify women (watch video here, 10:45 to 11:20). She also refused to endorse fairness products and gave up on a lot of moolah! She threw light on the wage gap and the discrimination against women prevalent in Bollywood, an industry that’s simply obsessed with its heroes.

Queen of Controversies

Right when Kangana was labelled the ultimate queen of Bollywood for being bold and brilliant, she was embroiled in an ugly controversy involving her allegedly ‘silly ex’ Hrithik Roshan. It went from bad to worse, with Hrithik slapping legal notices on Kangana and she in turn, accusing him of hacking into her e-mail account deleting all evidence of their affair. Amusingly enough, another ex of hers, the dimwitted Adhyayan Suman, jumped in support of Hrithik accusing Kangana of black magic, among various other things. The controversy died a gradual death and the truth of the matter remains unknown. But the message was loud and clear–if you mess with Kangana, she’ll come after you and how!

Since then, it pains us to see that Kangana has been involved in one controversy after the other, first with Karan Johar, then Simran scriptwriter Apurva Hansal and most recently with Ketan Mehta. Full points to her for calling out Karan Johar (26:50-27:50). In fact the way he reacted to it, patronisingly spitting venom against her, it only seemed well deserved. But for Kangana to ask for ‘additional story and screenplay writer credits’, claiming that women have not been given enough credit, sounds to us like a gross misuse of feminism.

We’re pretty sure that a bright woman like Kangana is looking forward to directing films and is obviously involved in the process of making a film, (she had earlier received credits for ‘additional dialogues’ for Queen as well). But to claim that she wasn’t happy with the script and revised it ‘considerably’, changing the thriller into a comedy(!) is a bit hard to digest. As someone who signs very few, content driven films, why come onboard a project that didn’t appeal to you in the first place?

Add to this the accusations by Ketan Mehta that Kangana unprofessionally hijacked Rani of Jhansi, a project he’d been developing for almost a decade! Well, now can we talk of giving due credits? As of now, Kangana hasn’t come forward to issue a clarification or refute Ketan Mehta’s claims, which we really hope she does soon, because who doesn’t want to see her in yet another power-packed film?

Feminism is a burning debate, and everyone has their own version and meaning of it. To prove our allegiance to it every single time is indeed taxing. Especially when people still haven’t gotten over the fact that women who shave can be as much of a feminist as those who don’t. But you either are one or simply aren’t. And you, dear Kangana, don’t need to stir up a controversy every now and then, using feminism as a shield when things are not in your favour. You’re better than that.

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