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Framing Love In A Cosmic Glow

rimi sen


Framing Love In A Cosmic Glow

In conversation with award-winning wedding photographer Rimi Sen

Many of us find love while travelling, and this young wedding photographer’s story is somewhat similar. She bought her first professional camera with the intent of documenting her travels during field trips into the Western Ghats. These journeys were a part of her career in environmental sciences, from which she was drawn away by travel photography.

The forest led to a camera, which led to an entirely new career once she found her love for weddings and people and everything else that comes with it.

Rimi Sen is a millennial with a clear focus on creating poignant images of couples, infusing weddings with a sort of magical glow. In 2016 she got the Wedisson Award for one of her couple portraits, and this year she received the WeddingSutra Emerging Talent Award.

She’s also a part of SILK Photos, a boutique creative wedding photography agency run by renowned photographer Sephi Bergerson, whom Rimi admires and has enjoyed working with.

With the Indian wedding season in full swing, we caught up with her to chat about what is probably the most fun part of wedding celebrations before the big day itself – the pre-wedding shoot.

IB: When it comes to pre-wedding shoots, are they the more relaxed part of your wedding photography assignments?

Pre-wedding shoots are definitely more relaxed and act as an ice-breaker for the couple and the photographer. It allows them to get comfortable in front of the camera and get in sync with their style.

Amidst the wedding chaos there is hardly any time or privacy for a photo session, so a pre-wedding gives them a chance to experiment with poses and outfits and indeed some ‘flattering’ angles, which work best for them before their wedding day.

IB: What should the couple keep in mind while selecting location and outfits for the pre-wedding shoot?

I love to do a shoot based on a theme with which the couple can relate to; and prefer a location significant to their life and relationship. It could be the place where they first met, a spot where they loved going for walks, perhaps their favourite park or coffee shop.

I try to keep it simple and casual, as this is the only day they can get photos closer to their day-to-day life – something different from the glittery outfits of their wedding. I suggest selecting outfits which express their personal style and make them feel confident and comfortable.

IB: How should they prepare themselves to get into the right mood and body language?

There isn’t any set mental preparation required for a couple shoot.

I ask all my clients to treat the shoot day like any other day, without worrying about the distraction of a photographer. It would help me get candid and natural shots with them, which they can relate to in the future.

Once a couple likes and decides on their photographer and his/her style, they should be able to trust the photographer, and everything else will fall in place.

They should discuss the outfits they are planning to wear and the style they would prefer. Brainstorm with your photographer to come up with some exciting ideas and themes to try out.

IB: What about wedding photography excites you most?

Meeting new people every day, becoming part of different cultures, getting the opportunity to travel worldwide and in the process, making new friends for life.

IB: Any wise words for millennials?

There is always something new to learn from each and every person we meet. Every experience teaches you something new consciously and subconsciously, which eventually makes you who you are.

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Image Credit: Rimi Sen




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