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5 Piyush Mishra Verses That Strike A Chord With Millennials



5 Piyush Mishra Verses That Strike A Chord With Millennials

From Indian politics to one night stands, Mishra speaks the language of millennials

Piyush Mishra dons many hats — he’s an actor, a theatre artist, a singer, lyricist, and playwright, as well as a voiceover artist and a poet. What makes him so popular with the youth is his pure charm and the way he addresses the subjects of love, life, and society in a language millennials understand.

Following a long struggle in Bollywood, Mishra found fame with an enthralling performance in Gulaal (2009). The film’s title song and others such as Aarambh created a sensation. His next big film was Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) in which he kept the story alive with his background narration.

Mishra is no Bollywood superstar, but he has proved his mettle and created a niche for himself. Today, we’re shifting focus from his films to his other great talent: poetry.

A true wordsmith, he is often invited to college festivals and his YouTube videos usually go viral. “There’s something about his personality and his poetry that is very honest,” says Divya Gupta (22), a Delhi University student. I think he is a little eccentric, as if he is lost in his own world. He speaks from the heart. That’s why I love him.”

If you haven’t come across his work yet, we’ve picked out 5 of the choicest Piyush Mishra poems and songs for you.

1. Ghar

Transcend into a different world imagined by Piyush Mishra by listening to this song in his own melodious voice.

Now, this one’s for those of us who love the idea of love, and simply want to get consumed by it and escape somewhere. Hitesh Sonik is the man behind the amazing composition.

2. Mulk Ki Le Li Bhaiya

This poem is a funny take on the state of affairs in Indian politics and administration. Here, Piyush Mishra takes a dig at corruption in his own quirky style. You might have to listen to it more than once to fully understand the context. Don’t worry, you will not get bored.

3. One Night Stand

It isn’t easy to write about sex and one night stands without making it sound obscene. But Mishra does it with finesse!

One Night Stand takes you on a journey of hedonism peppered with spirituality, as he connects the concept of a one night stand with a seeker’s search for God. Check it out here.

4. Alcoholism

How does a person addicted to alcohol feel? How does he feel after recovering from it? What does he go through? Piyush Mishra takes his own experience and weaves it into magical words. His poem on alcoholism is a lesson for every young Indian.

5. Husna

Husna is perhaps one of the most popular Coke Studio songs performed by Piyush Mishra. Set against the backdrop of the India-Pakistan conflict, it talks about two lovers separated during the partition — powerful and emotionally stimulating.

While there are many more inspiring poems penned by Mishra, these were our favourites. Which one did you enjoy most? Tell us in the comments below.

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