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6 Speakers You Must Not Miss At The Jaipur Lit Fest 2018



6 Speakers You Must Not Miss At The Jaipur Lit Fest 2018

Meet these inspiring thought leaders at the five-day event

The Jaipur Literature Festival is back and we can’t keep calm! Dubbed as the ‘kumbh mela of literature’, this annual event is cut out for literature enthusiasts in India. They host public talks by some of the most inspiring thought leaders from different walks of life — science, politics, business, film, art, etc., and this year they’ve got some incredible names on board. Here are our top six:

1. Abeer Hoque

Catch a discussion on memoir writing from the point of view of women. This talk will be helmed by a noteworthy panel including Abeer Hoque.

The Nigerian-born Bangladeshi-American writer, photographer, and traveller, has been on the road for years. She has spent a long time in Bangladesh and India to write a collection of stories, The Lovers and the LeaversHer latest contribution to the literary world is a memoir about growing up in Nigeria, Bangladesh, and the United States.

When: Jan 28, 5.15 pm (at Charbagh)

2. Angela Saini

English science journalist Angela Saini has some interesting views to share at the lit fest. Last year, the young achiever released a book called Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong. It was selected as ‘book of the year’ by Scientific American, Physics World, and New Humanist.

Angela’s talk will be one of the most unique and gripping ones because it will throw light on a topic that’s seldom discussed — how science has perpetrated bias against women.

When: Jan 28, 5.15 pm (at the Mughal Tent)

3. Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor is one of the most popular politicians in India, who boasts of a big following on social media. He’s also a master wordsmith, so it isn’t surprising that his talks at the Oxford Union and BBC went viral on the internet.

At the lit fest, he will deliver an insightful talk on India’s relations with the world. If you’re interested in history and politics (and wish to add some new words to your vocabulary!), don’t miss this one.

When: Jan 28, 5.15 pm (at the Baithak)

4. Sheila Dixit

The former and longest-serving CM of Delhi faced a massive defeat at the hands of Arvind Kejriwal in the last Assembly Elections, and has been off the radar ever since. However, she will break the silence at the lit fest with the launch of her autobiographical account, Citizen Delhi: My Times, My Life.

It will be exciting to hear her speak, as she might reveal some facts about the elections and her tussle with Kejriwal!

When: Jan 27, 1.40 pm (at Samvad)

5. P Sainath

He’s not very popular with the youth, but he certainly deserves a mention. The former editor of The Hindu, Sainath has now founded a not-for-profit media entity called People’s Archives of Rural India (PARI). 

PARI covers the stories of India’s rural population and their everyday struggle for survival. It is a unique and much-needed initiative in a time when journalism is becoming more and more metro-centric. At his talk, we can expect an insightful discussion on the lives of 833 million Indians, who live in the villages.

When: Jan 26, 2.30 pm (at the Baithak)

6. Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur shot to fame after Twitter removed her photographs in which she tried to sensitise people towards the issue of menstruation. Since then, she has taken up the issue of feminism and women’s empowerment, and has been writing some off-beat poetry about the beauty of womanhood.

At the fest, she will be talking about her latest book of poetry, Milk and Honey.

When: Jan 25, 5.15 pm (at the Front Lawn).

The 2018 Jaipur Lit Fest will be held at Diggi Palace in Jaipur. The registration is free and open to all.

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