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TGIF: Five Gourmet Burgers To Bring In The Weekend

Gourmet Burgers -
Gourmet Burgers -


TGIF: Five Gourmet Burgers To Bring In The Weekend

The perfect burger is a work of art and these restaurants in Mumbai certainly agree. Here’s where you can treat yourself to some of the best gourmet burgers the city has to offer.

Why is it so difficult to find good burgers? And by good we don’t mean the type which is dry or dunked in greasy oil with a patty which tastes like it’s made from hay. It’s simple, a great burger is a like a painting- it needs the right proportion of ingredients with a perfect balance of taste, texture and flavour.

Yes, as you see we are very passionate about burgers. If you are on of our proud tribe, then you will love (and need) this list of our favourite places in Mumbai which serve the juiciest, tastiest and most mind-blowing burgers. This is where true happiness lies, folks.


This old-school American diner gets its burger right and how! Their Animal Burger tops the list because of its pure culinary bliss. A tribute to California’s In n Out Burger— it consists of super soft buns, lamb patty cooked to perfection, cucumbers, pickled tomatoes, melted cheddar, onions, topped with a fried egg  and splattered generously with their famous animal sauce. If you love burgers, then you can’t miss the Animal Burger.

Other recommendations: Pork Belly Buns
Cost for 2: Rs. 1500 without drinks
Reserve your table: 022 3351 1989

Indigo Deli

If you have ever been to Indigo Deli, you are aware that they food served is generally above average and the ambience is pretty good too. But when it comes to food, their BBQ Pulled Pork Burger takes the cake. A beautiful amalgamation of juicy and sweet, its accompanied with sweet pickled onions which make the flavours explode in your mouth. Ask for a fried egg on top and trust us when we say this, you won’t regret it.

Other recommendations: Linguine in spicy tomato sauce and goat cheese.
Cost for 2: Rs. 1200 without drinks  
Reserve your table: 022 4366 6666

212 Café and Bar

Whoever said that great burgers need meat need to try need to try the Shroom burger at 212. Absolutely delicious deep-fried Portobello and garden mushrooms, smothered in melted gruyere cheese along with probably the best fries you will eat ever eat, will make you fall in love with this vegetarian wonder.

Other recommendations: Pan tossed shrimp in spicy garlic sauce.
Cost for 2: Rs. 1000 without drinks.
Reserve your table: 
022 6180 1642

Woodside Inn

Ask any Mumbaiite and they will swear by Woodside Inn. But this legendary eatery (with a branch in Colaba and Andheri) also serves the best Double cheddar tenderloin burger. The best! Succulent, juicy and served with multigrain bread, it’s comfort food at its best. Psst..ask for the fried egg on top because, why not?

Other recommendations: Grilled Chicken Harrissa
Cost for 2: Rs. 1200 without alcohol.
Reserve your table: 022 2287 5752


Pride yourself on your eating prowess? Then go for the God Father burger at this eatery. Why? Three layers of tender and juicy mutton patties soaked in jalapenos, cheese, caramelised onions, onion rings, mustard, BBQ sauce and topped with a fried egg and everything is covered in their special hot sauce. Delicious? Hell yea! Heavy? Erm…yes.

Other recommendations: Chicken Fireball Wrap
Cost for 2: Rs. 700
Reserve your table: 076664 52610

So what are you waiting for? Head to these burger joints and don’t forget you share with us your favourite. Happy eating!



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