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Fun Fitness Alternatives For Folks Who Hate The Gym

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Fun Fitness Alternatives For Folks Who Hate The Gym

Tired of being a mule in the gym? Here are some brilliant alternatives to stay fit in Mumbai.


The last decade has seen a surge in gym memberships in the city. Mumbaikars have (finally) realised the importance of staying fit — which is great, right?

But if we’re honest though, how many of us actually enjoy going to the gym? And even more honest, how often are you actually going? If I pump iron on a Monday, Tuesday almost always sees me slumped on my couch wishing to hell that my bhel puri wala bhaiya finally launches his home delivery app.  

If you’re bored of the monotony of gyms, or even Yoga, for that matter, there are tons of other fun ways to get your ass in shape.

We’re listing down some of our favourites in the city, which we’re certain you’ll love too.


If you’re wondering what Slacklining is, it’s a bit like Aamir Khan walking on pipes in this famous scene.

Although not half as dramatic, it’s the art of balancing yourself on flat ropes. It improves your balance and coordination, makes you more flexible and agile, and helps get your body toned.

And if you master it, you look bloody cool. What’s not to love?



What’s better than getting your ass in shape?

Learning to kick some ass in the process, of course.

Kickboxing is really picking up in the city, because not only is it a great way to stay fit, but also doubles up as a great self-defence lesson.

It helps you burn your calories, offers a release for your aggression, and also helps you trot about the city at 3 am if you must without having to worry about getting mugged by a crackhead.



Zumba is a brilliant combination of dance and aerobics, which is a great way to get your body back in shape.

Groove to your favourite Bollywood numbers with the help of trained experts and who help you sweat it out and get that toned body you always craved!



Similar to free running, Parkour is an art that is a mixture of aerobics and gymnastics.

It’s a tad risky, but the thrill is what makes it that much more fun. Proper training is essential, though, and if you follow the safety rules, you should be fine.



If competitiveness gets the best out of you, just play a damn sport.

Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Squash, and Football are great picks to build your stamina and stay fit. There are scores of grounds and courts in the city that allow to you play them, too.

It’s great for your social life as well.  So go find a league that’s nearby to your home, grab a willing friend, and go have some fun!

What are some of your favourite fitness activities? Share your stories with us in the comments section and inspire our readers to follow suit!
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