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5 Of The Coolest Coworking Spaces In Mumbai



5 Of The Coolest Coworking Spaces In Mumbai

These shared office spaces are ideal for young entrepreneurs who want to save cost and socialise

There’s no denying that Indian millennials are perpetually brimming with terrific startup ideas. But while an idea comes free of cost, its execution does not. Investment is a huge issue for many, and of course, buying or renting an office space comes with hassles of its own, especially in a city like Mumbai where real estate costs a fortune. So, what’s the answer?

“An easy way out (for startups) for their first few months is booking a seat or a cabin in a coworking space,” says Waqar Azmi, founder of Mumbai Coworking.

“Today, we can see that more and more entrepreneurs are turning to coworking spaces, which is allowing companies to grow quicker. There is an ever-rising need for it for a reason — and we’re happy to provide the platform you need to go chase your dreams.”

If Waqar’s words resonate with you, and you’re one such millennial looking for your own personal launchpad in the form of a coworking space, we’ve listed down five of the best, most reasonably-priced ones for you.

1. Mumbai Coworking

As mentioned earlier, Mumbai Coworking is the brainchild of Waqar Azmi. A startup entrepreneur himself, he began with a small garage-like space, and eventually started frequenting coffee shops for his meetings.

It was then that he understood the need for a ‘good working space’. Thus came up the idea of Mumbai Coworking, where budding startup owners could work in a productive space, with less investment and spending more capital on their idea.

“Mumbai Coworking is a beautiful yet productive workspace,” says Waqar. “It’s a value-for-money space which allows you to meet people from all walks of life, while also enabling one to learn much more about your business.”

Starting at Rs 5,000 a month, you can get access to unlimited beverages and a beautiful Moroccan terrace.

Additional perks include Night Coworking for late-night shift workers, and a Virtual Office for people who dream of having a registered Mumbai address. You’re also allowed to conduct meetings with your investor or clients for an hour.

Where: Andheri West

Cost: Rs 5,000 onwards per month

2. 91Springboard

What we love about 91Springboard is that apart from being reasonably priced, it has multiple branches across Mumbai, making it accessible and convenient.

With high speed WiFi, mentor advice, and cafe lounges and gaming rooms on offer, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Where: BKC, Lower Parel, Andheri East, and Navi Mumbai

Cost: Rs 7,000 – 9,000 per month

3. Awfis

India’s largest coworking company called Awfis has branches across the city too.

Popular amongst myriad professionals, be it media persons, lawyers, CAs, and businessmen, Awfis offers accounting services, food lounges, IT support, and your usual WiFi, coffee, and the likes at a great price.

Where: Lower Parel, Lokhandwala, Andheri East, and more

Cost: Rs 500 onwards per day

4. Bombay Connect

One of the cuter coworking spaces in the city, Bombay Connect boasts a beautiful space with desks, WiFi, stationery, and a kitchen on offer. Furthermore, they host an event once a week too, which helps you exchange ideas with like-minded professionals.

Where: Bandra West

Cost: Rs 3,500 onwards per month

5. The Playce

A spacious workspace, The Playce is 5,000 square feet big. Think personal desks, cabins, team tables, conference rooms — pretty much everything you need to launch or run a business successfully.

Much like the other coworking spaces, it hosts events of its own that help boost interaction and collaboration, while its size is ideal for hosting big fashion events or business conferences too.

Where: Mulund

Cost: Rs 6,500 per month.

Image Credit: Mumbai Coworking





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