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Freshers! Here’s Your Guide to the Best Thelas at North Campus



Freshers! Here’s Your Guide to the Best Thelas at North Campus

We’re no longer surprised that everyone’s a foodie at Delhi University

With an expansive campus that hosts some of the best colleges in the country, Delhi University’s North Campus offers its students’ life experiences galore. What it also serves up is a taste of authentic and varied local delicacies across the many favoured addas in campus. From tiny standalone stores to blink-and-you-miss-them thelas, these popular snack centers around the university add much desi flavour to college life in Delhi. If you haven’t ventured beyond the college canteen yet, well, you’re missing out on a lot. Sample some of these hidden delights below, and we promise you’ll be reminiscing about them for the rest of your life.

Sheila Point

Dilpreet Kaur, a student at SGTB, confidently says that “that Sev Puri here is now simply an inevitable part of her college life.” Owned by a jolly couple, this thela has been feeding students and professors since the last 30 years, and is particularly famous for its mouth-watering Sev Puri which comes laden with tangy chutney.

Where: Near Sgtb Khalsa College
Cost: Rs. 100 for two

Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point

We’re pretty sure every DUite knows this place, and if you’re at Ramjas, there’s a chance someone’s dragged you there already. With its more than 50 different varieties of maggi, Tom Uncle’s kiosk has acquired a pretty well-known place among DU hangouts. The owners claim that even students who graduated decades back often visit the shack and relive their college memories over steaming plates of  masala noodles.

Where: Ramjas College
Cost: Rs. 150 for two

Bhel Puri thela, WUS

Run by Sunil Sethi, this thela has been synonymous with the youngsters balancing platefuls of piquant Bhelpuri for the last 35 years. Sachin Tomar from the University’s Zoology Dept says: “We come here with our professors because the Bhelpuri makes our lectures so much better!” Famous for its special homemade chutneys and condiments, this is one Bhel Puri you’re not going to forget anytime soon.

Where: WUS Health Centre
Cost: Rs. 100 for two

Ganesh Tea Stall

This mostly-24X7 tea-stall is likely to be a true-friend during your college years, particularly after late-night study (or party) sessions. Parth Arora from the Law Faculty says: “Ganesh tea stall is the final halt on our night drives, because the food here really satisfies your hunger”. The next time you are attacked by the midnight munchies, head here for hot and spicy omelettes, plates of maggi, chai-matthi, and smoking-hot paranthas. Yeah, you can thank us later!

Where: Opposite Patel Chest Market
Cost: Rs. 150 for two

Kashyap Chaat Bhandaar

Nestled amidst the shopping streets of Kamla Nagar, this thela has been serving up some of the best North Indian snacks you can imagine, for the last 36 years. Owned by the jovial Sunil Kashyap, the stall has a consistent favorite among students and locals for its lip-smacking treats.  

From the succulent Tikki Chaat to the all-time bestseller Paneer Bread Pakora, everything here comes fully loaded with flavour and topped with chutneys and salad.

Where: Near Chache di hatti, Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar
Cost: Rs. 80 for two

Mor Singh Chhole Kulche

The butter-soaked Chhole Kulche at Mor Singh’s has a secret ingredient that its owner swears by. Mr Singh is known to mix the masala himself by grinding together an assortment of raw Indian spices. “This masala, you cannot get in the entire university“, he claimed proudly when I tried to dig deeper. It did not, however, stop me from dunking several soft chunks of buttery kulchas into bowls of the piquant, delicious chhole; never mind that I also popped an antacid later.

Where: Near Mansarovar Hostel, Delhi University
Cost: Rs. 40 for two

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