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Millennials Share Their Craziest Job Interview Stories



Millennials Share Their Craziest Job Interview Stories

Learn a thing or two from these zany interview experiences

Like every other thing in life, something as banal as job interviews can get batshit crazy. Don’t believe me? These stories from our fellow millennials will definitely change your mind (and maybe teach you a thing or two before you go for your next interview).

1. Is there such a thing as being too honest? Apparently, yes

Everybody knows that lying during an interview can hurt instead of help you. (Embellishing is fine though). But who knew that being straightforward could kill your chances too? Well, that’s exactly what happened to software engineer Shivam Gulati. He recalls:

“Interviewer: Don’t you think you are overqualified for the job?

Me: Yes, I am.

Two weeks later, I got a rejection mail!”

2. Ulterior motives are best kept to yourself – or not

Sometimes, we take on a job more out of compulsion than passion. But your interviewer must never get to know that – unless you deliberately don’t want to land the gig in the first place. MBA student Rohan Jain spills the beans on how he used this tactic to ensure that he did not get selected for an on-campus internship. He says, “It was a good company, and the internship location was in the US. But it was just not what I preferred. I didn’t want to tell them during the interview that I did not want to take up the internship, as that might have angered them, affecting the chances of some other student. There were two panelists, let’s say P1 and P2. Here’s how the interview went. 

P1: “So, why do you want to join this company?” (*Expecting the standard answer telling them about how awesome the company is*)

Me: “I have always wanted to go to the US. It is my dream destination. I just know that I want to stay in the US forever.”

P2 choked on the tea that he was drinking.

P1 (*Regaining composure*): “Oh, I see. But why this company specifically?”

Me: “Because you are offering the internship in one of the best parts of the US, close to all major cities.”

P2 decided to step in. P2: “You do realise, that this is just an internship and you will have to come back from the US?”

Me: “I know. But I am sure I will find some way to go back there. I am inclined to stay forever in the US.”

P1 and P2 looked at each other. P1: “Thank you for your time. We will let you know the results soon. Do you have any questions for us?”

Me: “Yes. I heard that if you do an internship in the US, it becomes difficult to get a work visa for the US later on. Is that true?”

P1 looked stupefied. P2: “We will talk in detail about the visa process once all interviews are done.” 

I got up, shook hands with the panelists, and went out of the room smiling. Result: Not selected. Mission accomplished.”

3. Leave Bollywood-esque drama at the door

What’s life without good old Bollywood? Sadly, Bollywood drama and interviews are a terrible combination. Operations controller Shah Rizwan found this out the hard way.
“I was a big fan of 3 Idiots. I especially liked the role of Sharman Joshi. So just like he goes to the interview, I went. I answered all the questions frankly, my attitude was exactly like Sharman’s in 3 Idiots. And the interviewer told me that I would have to control this attitude if I want to even think of joining their company. And I replied with style ‘Sorry sir. I have developed this attitude after a lot of difficulties. Can’t change it’…and I started walking away just like Sharman did in the film (hoping they would call me back). I walked toward the door, walked out the door, walked out the lobby, walked out the office, walked out the building, walked out the city, f*cking hell walked out the milky way, but still didn’t get a call back!”

4. Lay off the sass – even when it is called for

Sometimes, interviewers ask questions that are either annoying or irrelevant. It is easy to lose your temper or say something snide when they do, but it is a mistake you should never make. It’s not like you can change someone’s interviewing style or attitude in general with your sass. Software development engineer Piyush Agarwal shares his experience,

“Interviewer : Write the code of KMP.

Me : Does anyone use KMP at your organisation?

Interviewer : No, we don’t.

Me : So, what do you use?

Interviewer : There are templates available, we just use them.

Me : Sir, I do the same. What’s the point of asking the code then

The interviewer started laughing. I knew I was rejected.”

Those were some crazy experiences, weren’t they? Can hardly blame the candidates–interviews can get pretty strange and intimidationg sometimes. I know I have found myself in some tricky ones. If you end up in such a situation, use some (politically correct) humour to get out of it. And although it sounds cliche, it’s best to be a better yet honest version of yourself. That way you don’t just get a job, you get the job that is right for you.It’s all about the right fit, after all.

Do you have any crazy interview stories of your own that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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