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#indibeatafternoons: Freelancing In India



#indibeatafternoons: Freelancing In India

A new Twitter chat series by indibeat

Last month, team indibeat decided to spruce things up on our social media to connect with our readers. For those of you who are unaware of the development, we’re proud to present our weekly Twitter chat sessions: #indibeatafternoons.

As part of this chat, we’ll discuss issues that are relevant to us as Indian millennials – bounce off ideas, talk about trends and simply share some laughs!

Our very first #indibeatafternoons was all about the freelance life, and we got 3 tweeps to share their experiences. They helped shed light on the pros and cons, the challenges and opportunities involved in freelance work.

The Participants

Samarpita Sharma – @BookLuster

Apeksha – @Misspunekar

Protima Tiwary – @DumbbellsnDrama

Here’s an excerpt from the Twitter chat:

IB: Freelancing is a glamorous or convenient option for many. Do you agree?

@BookLuster: Yes! So many people look at what are seemingly the ‘perks’ and ‘leisure’ (of freelancing).

@Misspunekar: It’s a ton of hard work. Maybe it looks “glamorous” from the outside. I feel people take it from a perspective of freedom.

@DumbbellsnDrama: For 70% of the people, yes I do think glamour is what they’re looking at. I’ve seen people giving up in a couple of months when they realise it’s actually a lot of work.

IB: What does one really need to know before they opt for freelancing?

@BookLuster: That it needs a lot of hard work in the beginning, your integrity and your sincerity will hold a lot of power, and chasing payments can be demotivating. Also, it can be lonely, since you work alone.

@Misspunekar: You need planning and discipline. You need to be ready for people to not take you seriously.  Also, it’s not okay to accept beer and pav bhaji as payment.

@DumbbellsnDrama: You need to be disciplined and patient, be ready to follow up aggressively for payments. You need to network.

IB: What are the pros and cons of freelancing?

@BookLuster: Pros, you can enjoy flexibility of schedule. You are not restricted to the same kind of work. You can kill monotony by how you choose your work. Plus, no boss! Cons, you survive on a variable income, people might not take your work seriously, and some payments take months to come.

@Misspunekar: Pros, you can choose your own lifestyle. You’re a boss. You can set your own schedule. Cons, you need to prepare yourself to hear things like “I’ll pay you after 6 months” and you need to follow up. Or else, goodbye money! Being a woman in this field comes with its own set of disadvantages. “Freelancing” in general is looked at in a very condescending manner.

@DumbbellsnDrama: Pros, you’re your own boss, you have a flexible schedule and you have the freedom to choose. Cons, payments! The following up can be extremely demotivating & stressful. Plus you are expected to do something for 1/4 of the cost because some newbie is giving shoddy work for the same amount. Also, there is no fixed income.

IB: What would you want to tell those who’re eyeing this as a career option?

@BookLuster: Treat it as a career, not a source of extra pocket money. Bulk jobs pay less, so use common sense. Don’t get fooled by ‘this is a long term project’ and agree to work for less. Keep your integrity strong and be sincere.

@Misspunekar: Plan ahead and be resilient.

@DumbbellsnDrama: Be prepared to hustle, to work on your self-discipline, to wait for payments. Always maintain your salary standards. Free food and free beer will not pay your bills.

That looked like quite a fun afternoon chat, not to mention pretty insightful. Stay tuned for more chats on anything and everything that millennials could be talking about.

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Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar



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