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How To Create Unforgettability



How To Create Unforgettability

As a part of our #dothenew career series, Nidhi Sahi of Enjay Events gives her expert views on event management.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the term ‘event management’ brought to mind images of trade fairs and corporate conferences, where stressed-out, underpaid youngsters would be seen running around hiding near-crisis situations from nasty clients.

A lot of that is still true, but the stodgy description mentioned above fits only the career statements imagined by the kind of old-school employers who are thankfully now retired and mute.

Firstly, events are not ‘managed’ today, but ‘designed’. Secondly, they aren’t all about crisis – though that is still the backbone – they are equally about creativity. From the groovy NH7 to the arty Art India Fair to Mahesh and Lara’s glossy wedding – it is event management that made these occasions happen.

If you’d like a taster, try getting involved in college fests or volunteering at interesting music, literary or street festivals as many of them welcome a helping hand at no cost. But before you dive into it head-on, take a look at some valuable advice from our expert this week – Nidhi Sahi.

Nidhi Sahi is the founder of Enjay Events, a design and implementation agency that she set up in 2012 after moving back to India from her time in USA and Dubai, where she also completed her studies. Pune Fashion Week 2014 is one of the biggest events organized by Enjay under Sahi’s leadership, but they’ve also created stunning destination wedding experiences for prestigious clients. For millennials looking to make a career in events, this is what the lady in charge had to say:

What was the first event you ever organised and how was the experience?

The first event under ENJAY was a fashion show called Style Walk for ABEC. The experience was extremely exciting seeing what goes on behind the scenes and fire-fighting all the issues that crop up to ensure the event goes smooth and successful. What everyone sees is one show but there are months of planning, hard work and team effort to make the show a success.

What would you say are the essential traits for anyone involved in event management?

You gave to be a go-getter and do everything in your capability to ensure the smooth running of the event. It is essential to be a quick decision maker and make crucial last-minute choices. You have to be patient and understand and solve the queries the client has. And, most importantly, you have to smile and be positive no matter what is happening behind the scenes.

Any tips for the younger generation keen on starting their own event management companies?

Do all the research and get as much experience before you start your company. It is extremely important to have good relations with all your vendors and clients as doing events is a service. It is n tedious job so make sure you enjoy the process and are passionate about it.

Image: RDB Surj, Live in Concert at Kingdom of Dreams




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