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How To Be A Party Trooper & Not A Pooper At Work



How To Be A Party Trooper & Not A Pooper At Work

Having a great time at an office party without screwing up is an art that requires great mastery; we’re here to show you how!

Winter has set in, resolution lists are being created (to be broken again), and toasts are being raised to a great 2017! With Christmas and NYE around the corner, the general mood is becoming more party-like than at any other time of the year, even at the workplace.

An office party is a great occasion to let our professional guard down and indulge in some revelry with our colleagues. Now, we don’t want to be the party poopers, but there are certain things you should probably avoid if you don’t want to be remembered as ‘the obnoxious one’  when normalcy resumes in 2k18!

Hold Your Liquor!

There’s nothing worse than having to excuse yourself at a party at work to go and puke—been there, done that. Worst. Experience. Ever!”, says 24-year-old Paulina who works at a PR agency in Hyderabad.

We couldn’t agree more. The judgmental stares and giggly greetings that follow are too much to endure more often than not, especially when you’re struggling to stay on your feet (literally!) in today’s highly competitive corporate atmosphere!

Be in Control of the Situation

Of course, once you’re a few shots down and when music preferences no longer matter, it becomes a challenge to be mindful of what you say and do. So, what we’re saying is, keep yourself sober enough to be conscious of what you’re saying and doing, and you may just avoid a lot of unnecessary embarrassment!

Don’t Cross the Line

Now, the office party is often one of the most anticipated events of work life for another reason—maybe it’s that chance you’ve been waiting for to ‘bond’ and ‘get-to-know’ your office crush a little better. And if you’re really smart, you can make the most of the party and take things to the next level.

That said, knowing your boundaries in the context of a potential professional-romantic overlap is absolutely critical. 21-year-old Caroline, working in a finance consultancy firm based out of Delhi, has this to say: “Yes, the drinks are flowing, the conversation is nothing close to work-related, but both sexes should really understand that it still is an office environment! Keep things in the politely flirtatious or adorable co-worker space. You don’t want to come across as desperate or creepy! There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get closer outside the confines of your office walls if you play your cards right!”

Keep it Clean

Be the centre of attraction but not unwanted attention! Controversy will bring you in the limelight, but is that really the kind of profile you want to boast on your CV?

“Respect hierarchy, even if you have issues with someone on a rung above yours. Be nice to your co-workers even if you don’t get along very well—this is an opportunity to let your hair down and lighten the mood”, says Raj Venkat (31), HR head of an ad agency based out of Bengaluru. Bottomline: steer clear of foul-mouthing, gossiping or demeaning anyone’s stature on such an occasion!

There really is no excuse to not have a good time at your office party, so let yourself go with your colleagues and have a great time! If you play by these neat little hacks, you could be the talk of cubicle-town in the days to come (in a good way of course).

What else do you think one should keep in mind when it comes to parties at the workplace? Let us know in the comments below!

*names changed to protect identity

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