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From Passion To Paycheque



From Passion To Paycheque

In conversation with Curly Tales’ Kamiya Jani

It’s one thing to blog about what you love — another to make it your full-time occupation. “But if you give purpose to your passion, you are most likely to succeed,” says Kamiya Jani.

When she felt the urge to quit her corporate job and pack her bags to explore the world, she did just that! In 2017 she founded Curly Tales, a travel, food, and hyperlocal discovery platform, which got immensely popular within a year.

indibeat caught up with the young entrepreneur to learn about her journey and just what it takes to turn one’s hobby into a career. Excerpts:

IB: What drove you to quit a stable job and start your lifestyle portal?

I spent 10 years of my life talking about the stock markets and crunching numbers. Though, in my mind, I wanted to be someplace else — doing something else.

I just felt too irresponsible to quit my respectable and well-paying job for travelling. But with a lot of courage, I took a chance to restart my life, my way.

I started documenting my travels and making videos, and set up a community of foodies and travel enthusiasts, which eventually became a company. Who would’ve thought that travelling to exotic destinations and eating delicious food can also pay big bucks!

IB: What do you love most about running Curly Tales?

The fact that I get to travel and live the good life, and also inspire others to do the same through my videos.

IB: How does one convert their hobby into a successful business?

Everyone has an element that differentiates them from the rest. Now you need to find the right environment that lets you thrive.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Be away from the noise that pulls you down or reminds you of barriers.

Your head, heart, and hand need to be in one line. Your head is the clarity of vision. Your heart is able to understand the deeper vision. And your hand is the assistance, wanting to go forward.

When you use your talent to make a difference to someone else’s life, people find value in you — and you can make your passion your paycheque!

IB: What’s your advice to young bloggers who want to grow their brand?

Ask yourself four simple questions: What am I good at? What do I love? What does the world need? How do I get paid for it?

When you intersect all four (answers), you are likely to succeed.

IB: Do you think Indian women have enough opportunities to work & grow?

The gender stereotypes introduced in childhood are reinforced throughout our lives.

In addition to the external barriers erected by society, women are hindered by barriers that exist within ourselves. We lower our own expectations of what we can achieve.

Fear is often the root cause of so many barriers — fear of not being liked or making the wrong choice or drawing wrong attention. Be free of that fear, because only the fearless win.

IB: You’re a mompreneur who manages work and family. What’s your mantra to achieve work-life balance?

It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur, especially for a woman when she becomes a wife and a mother. And if your man is not supportive, it is almost impossible to succeed. So marry the right person!

Also, I had to find my happy place where family, work, and wellness all find the right equilibrium. And I did.

On days when I am not travelling, I end up spending more time at home than in office. I wake up early to drop my daughter to school, and try to be back before the sun sets to play with her and tuck her in bed. Being an entrepreneur gives you that flexibility.

Visit Curly Tales on Facebook here or on Instagram here.

Title Image: Kamiya Jani



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